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When you’re starting out with digital marketing today, getting your brand up and running with good search engine visibility is just as strong of a strategy as it’s ever been. There’s a misconception that digital marketing success involves a five-figure receipt. You can absolutely take care of your SEO needs on your own with the right knowhow, and in this guide, we’ll be going over some of the key things needed to do exactly that.

Now of course, it’s not a crime or a mistake to invest in hired hands. As a matter of fact, getting the right degree of assistance from an agency that knows what you’re aiming to do can be crucial. Even so, digital marketing can be done without paying to play. If and when you do come to the point of outsourced manpower, then there’s a fine art to engaging an agency the right way; for that reason, we’ll be sure to break down the basics of agency engagement as well.

Now while you don’t have to master everything just to pull off DIY SEO successfully, holistic understanding can help you out in more ways than one; not the least of which being agency engagement. From a foundation of holistic understanding, you can properly vet potential agency prospects with much more clarity. You’ll be much more capable of knowing which agencies do and don’t possess the basic skills you’d rely on them for.

From automated lead generation services to organic effort, we’ll cover the basics of deep research and active link building in full detail. By the tail end of this guide, you’ll receive all the know how you need to cover each and everyone one of your bases regarding the basics.

Polishing the Art of Promotion

In addition to the websites that host your blog posts, we’re going to talk about the art of promotion at well. Facebook pages, LinkedIn Forums, Pinterest, Google+ and all types of social media ads will be another aspect of the game that we go over in detail below. Blogging, whether the posts are originally written on your site or written off-site as guest posts, is far from dead when it comes to getting exposure. Authentically high-quality articles still make an impact, even in a society with a sub-six-second window of opportunity to capture interest.

Since half of the content creation process is promotion, you’ll definitely benefit from using social media to pick people’s brains. Q&A sites such as Quora and, full of questions fielded from people all communities around the world, can be like goldmines for discovering more about your target consumer’s needs. Armed with the answers that your target market is looking for, your power to promote relevant content will increase tenfold.

Location and Communication

Just about everything in the wide-spanning world of information we live in today still comes down to a matter of location and context. It’s not just about the nitty gritty of what you have to offer, but the simple things in the lives of everyday people out there who end up consuming it, where they choose to do so and why.

Before you even think about all the bells and whistles of what makes you brand tick, there must first be a little comprehension of how people who make up your digital marketing target consumer base actually live and communicate.

When you know how your target buyer walks and talks to the ‘T’, you’ll know how to make your brand walk alongside them at their pace and speak to them in a language that they understand; this is how you build trustworthiness, sales numbers and loyalty in a completely organic and relatable fashion.

As far as consumer communication is concerned, text messages certainly shouldn’t be left out of the list of potential tools in your marketing kit. To complete the full collection of long-range communication methods, email marketing and will be on the list of things to study as well

Listen Everywhere, Know Everything

Ultimately, digital marketing “music” is not made inside the digital marketing “violin”. All of this is an exercise in breaking the bubble and hearing the ocean. Being a good listener goes a long way, and there’s many more ways to listen than just keeping our ears open to spoken words. Speaking about the merits of the brand may bring you sales, but listening is what makes customers feel appreciated enough to become brand ambassadors.

Don’t take the term “listening” here too literally, because it’s more than just hearing spoken words. When we “listen” as marketers, we’re simply paying attention to all the things that the market and the customers within it are telling us about what people demand and how to supply it properly.

Inspiring Lifetime Loyalty 

You can either work to get sales or loyal customers, and neither is wrong, but the latter delivers better dividends in the long run. If you want to drive in the long-term lane, you’ll want to learn about digital loyalty programs and link building through healthy relationships.

Evolving As A Marketer

In the process of exploring new digital marketing methods, you’ll also be exploring your own pool of new potential talents. Everything from online videos to offline ads with QR codes could be another area of the digital marketing arena that you excel in, but ultimately, it comes down to what it is that your brand truly is at its core.

There were over 4.48 billion internet users as of October 2019. We can cast a wide net with good results, but the journey to figuring out where to cast that net is an odyssey in and of itself.

Choosing Your Weapon

As much as the unique factors may matter, the content below is guaranteed to contain something you can use to make the most of your marketing spend. Just in case you still have any doubts at all about what digital marketing can do for you, we’ll start by taking a hard look at some of the most important things to ask yourself before diving into digital marketing in general.

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