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About Us

What is Limecube?

Limecube is the easy, drag-and-drop website builder, proudly Australian, and now available to entrepreneurs and small to medium businesses right around the globe.

Focused on making website building so simple even your Grandpa could do it, Limecube is great design, great security, great for search engine optimisation and marketing, combined with unbeatable Australian service and support.

Eye-catching design

The truth is not everyone that needs a website has the technical skills to build one, at Limecube we get that. Many drag and drop solutions are still pretty tricky and trying to build even a simple website can become frustrating and take up way too much time; time you would much rather spend on other things. Things like growing your business, sharing your creativity or publishing your news and views.

Real people, real support

Our support is second-to-none and something we are proud to be known for. Why is that? Because we don’t offshore or outsource, we employ internal product experts who love delivering great service to guide and support you.

SEO and marketing

Search Engine Optimisation – what does it even mean? Well, if you don’t know, Limecube has your back!

With SEO vital to website performance, we’ve built Limecube to walk you through exactly what you need to do to set up your site so it appears in results for relevant searches.

Control and ownership

We bring the pie, you bring the tomato sauce! While we own Limecube, you can rest assured that every delicious detail you sprinkle on the site – every word, every picture every video – is yours and remains yours alone.

We’re cheap and we’re proud of it!

Nobody likes to be called cheap… but if the shoe fits, wear it! We know entrepreneurs and small businesses don’t have big budgets for web – but we believe you should have the opportunity to build a great site anyway!

While you get top-quality design and development, we work to keep our prices surprisingly low. Unlike other platforms, we also charge you in the currency of your country, so there are no nasty surprises on your credit card statement. So don't be confused by our usage 'cheap'. While our pricing is cheap, the quality of what we provide is far from cheap.

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The Limecube story

Respect for ‘the Aussie Battler’ is something all Australians grow up with. We see the term on the news, read it in the paper, and we’ve heard our grandparents talk about fighting, against all odds, to get by, or even better, to really make it.

As a small or medium business owner, most of us are battlers. We’re taking an idea and we’re trying to turn it into an empire, with a tiny budget, often against much larger, or even giant competitors.

Without a quality website – now a crucial business foundation – that battle is in vain!

Limecube is an Australian business built on the idea that small and medium businesses – both at home and around the globe -- deserve the best opportunity to grow and thrive.

We’ve watched on as friends and family with big ideas and dreams have built websites, but have never quite achieved success because of the poor design, sloppy scripting or lack of attention to SEO of other website builder platforms.

We wanted to create a website builder that didn’t just look good, that wasn’t just easy to use, but really ticked all the technical boxes that so many people don’t know they need, but are actually crucial to success.

Limecube doesn’t have a fancy origin story about discarded fruit seeds that grew into a flourishing lime tree that saved a village, because we’re not fancy people. We were battlers, and we built a platform to help other battlers succeed.

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Limecube’s Vision

Our vision is to provide a world leading platform that inspires entrepreneurs and small business to easily create beautiful websites, while helping them focus on building their dreams, without worrying about the technology.

We believe we must stay true to our purpose of simplicity, while delivering on our core customer’s needs. We are a part of our customer's journey, and we must continuously strive for excellence as a company so that our customers continue to be inspired to do what they do best.

And these are not just flashy words! We live and breathe them as a team in everything we do.


Our mission is to be a successful Australian brand loved by Australians, that helps the world see further value that Australians brings as tech leaders and innovators to the world market.

Our goal is to provide a user-friendly solution that builds beautiful yet functional websites that effectively markets our clients businesses, through great UX, and search engine friendliness.

We aim to be innovators, not followers. To enable this aim we need to challenge ideas at every level and continue to evolve.

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Why Limecube?

Why use Limecube? We offer everything you need within a website maker to build your very own professional looking website without any previous experience whatsoever – just use our AI Website Builder function to have AI build your site and write your content or start from scratch to create the perfect site for your business, blog or cause… all for free!

Limecube is for small business, entrepreneurs and creative people who want to create a website that stands out from the rest. Flexibility in design options allows you to create a website that reflects your unique brand and personality. Plus, our easy-to-use drag-and-drop website builder makes it easy to add content and customise your site. So whether you're starting a new business or want to give your existing website a makeover, Limecube has everything you need to get started.


Now you’ve found out how to create a website with ease using Limecube’s simple AI website builder, get started today!