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About Us

What is Limecube?

Limecube is the easy, drag-and-drop website builder, created by Australians, for Australians, and now available to small and medium businesses right around the globe.

You want a website, we get it. It’s just one of the things you need so you want it to be quick and simple to create whilst looking stunning and professional. You want everyone to say “Wow, your website looks amazing! It must have been expensive and taken a huge investment of time to develop?” You’ll nod and smile, because you know the truth. You did it yourself, you’re not a ‘techie’, and it took you no time at all. That’s the Limecube vision and the experience we want our community of users to have.

You Don’t Need to Be a Techie

The truth is not everyone that needs a website has the technical skills to build one, at Limecube we get that. Many drag and drop solutions are still pretty tricky and trying to build even a simple website can become frustrating and take up way too much time; time you would much rather spend on other things. Things like growing your business, sharing your creativity or publishing your news and views.

Built on a Foundation of Problem-Solving

The seed for Limecube was planted in 2008 when our founder Andrew saw a need to develop a platform to fix the issues that stood in the way of everyday users when trying to build their own website. He wanted to create genuinely easy to use platform, no matter how much experience you have. Whether you’ve had none, some or lots, the Limecube drag and drop website builder will work for you. Security is a big issue for many website platforms and was a key focus for Andrew and his development team. In an age where cyber-security is a genuine concern, it’s a feature that couldn’t be overlooked. With so many websites competing for the attention of your potential audience, clean, simple design that looks like it was put together by a professional is important.

It Takes Time to Create Something
Quick & Easy!

The late Stephen Hawking spent a lifetime developing his ground-breaking theories. Now we’re not comparing Limecube to Stephen Hawking(!) but Andrew our founder did realise the solution wasn’t a quick fix. With 18 years’ worth of experience in digital media, a strong drive and belief that things could be improved and a team of talented developers, graphic designers and web experts behind him, he got to work. Now here we are, 60,000 development hours, 1 million plus cups of coffee and maybe one or two tantrums later, and the result is a system that will not only allow you to create your own website without the headaches but is so easy to manage and update as you grow. Limecube has continued to evolve, constantly adapting to the fast-paced digital environment and ever-emerging new trends, to become the best all-in-one drag and drop website builder available.

Our Users Come First

In reality, there are only a few things a website needs to do: look great, professional and polished, be able to stand up to and stay secure in a constantly shifting digital environment, and be super easy to put together and maintain. As we grow, we continue to keep our users in mind with every new feature, template, upgrade and function. It might be a tiny bit of a cliché but it’s true: we’ve put all of the thought and the hard yards in so you don’t have to.

We’ve Made Making a Choice Easy

There are lots of website builders to choose from, we understand that making a choice can be overwhelming. Which platform will have me up and running quickly without spending many fraught hours just trying to work out how to update or re-size my logo? Will the platform I choose still work and look good in 12 months or 2 years’ time? Will it be secure so I don’t suddenly find myself giving all of my visitors a virus? At Limecube we’ve taken our time and listened to what people want. It’s taken 10 years of research, many trials, the odd error and lots of love and we’re pretty pumped about what we’ve come up with. Limecube is the best drag and drop website builder on the market. Even if we do say so ourselves. But it’s not just us. Hours of user testing, feedback and refinement mean that plenty of other people agree. Why is Limecube the best? It’s pretty simple really.

Keeping it Simple

Hundreds of templates to choose from sounds great in theory, but in practice it’s frankly impractical! Spending hours clicking through an absolute ocean of possible templates, all of which become a blur in the end, isn’t very productive. At Limecube, we’ve done our research and we understand what a great website that looks good and functions well looks like. Now we’re not saying that choice isn’t important, so we’ve kept the range on offer broad but practical. When you’re time poor, a quick decision is a good one. You can be confident that whichever template you choose there is enough flexibility built in to leave your stamp. With as little as a few simple changes you can make it your own, or you can invest some time tailoring it that little bit more if the mood takes you.

Our Team is Your Team

Many of our team members have lived and breathed Limecube from day one. We’ve got our fair share of techie people and we’re pretty confident to say they’re some of the best, most talented and ‘tech-obsessed’ people out there. They love what they do and they have worked tirelessly to conceive, shape and tweak a platform that will make technology induced tantrums a thing of the past. Our growing team also has its fair share of hipster, facial hair loving (only the guys of course!) and wildly creative graphic designers that spend their days (and sometimes their nights) developing website templates that are simple, beautiful and on-trend.

Our marketing experts understand that no website is an island. It needs company, ideally it needs lots of company and lots of lovely visitors. They’ve invested all of their SEO expertise and audience-attraction know-how into creating search solutions to make sure your website is never lonely. In fact, at Limecube, we strive to keep improving our platform everyday by constantly creating new templates and adding new features. It never gets old for us.

What Are You Waiting For?

At Limecube we’re ready to see your ideas become a reality in the digital space. We want you to be over the moon with what you create and achieve your goals no matter how large or small. If you’re ready to create your own website, Limecube has all of the tools, templates and support you need to get a great result in next to no time.

So here’s where it all starts. Limecube is so simple to use, you just drag and drop from our range of simple building blocks using our website builder tool and see your website come to life just as you imagined it. Get started today.

Let’s get

Now you’ve found out how to create your own website with ease using Limecube’s simple sitebuilder, get started today! Just choose a template and you’ll be well on the way to having a professional website with dedicated support.