About Us

"Continuous effort--not strength or intelligence--is the key to unlocking our potential."--Winston Churchill

Limecube empowers people from all different walks of life to share their stories, launch creative ideas and grow their businesses by creating a powerful, impressive and easy-to-manage website.


Limecube was born in 2008 when our founder Andrew Seidel saw a need to develop a platform to bypass the usability, design and security issues that occured when trying to build websites. So he got down to work - with a mind full of knowledge (18 years of experience in digital media to be precise!), a heart full of passion and a team of talented developers, graphic designers and web experts. Within the past decade, Limecube has continued to grow, adapting to the ever-changing trends and developments on the web to become the all-in-one easy to manage platform that it is today.

Like many great ideas, Limecube was founded on the passion to help others achieve their goals and bring their ideas to a digital reality. As we grow, we continue to keep our users in mind with every new feature, template, upgrade and function.


Making Digital a Place for Everyone

From the very beginning (From the get-go), Limecube has always had a passion to make the digital space easier to use for its customer. We strive to make the online world an accessible, easy to use and understandable space for everyone. So say goodbye to technology tantrums and hello to an easy to use website building platform.

Empower Individuals To achieve Their Dreams

Limecube is more than just a website builder as we strive to help you turn your vision into a successful reality. We understand that building a digital space is just part of your journey; so we’re here for you every step of the way. Simply put, our dream is to empower you to help your dreams come true.

Our growing team consists of talented, excited and passionate graphic designers, developers, UX designers, project managers, content writers and marketing experts. We strive to keep improving our platform by constantly creating new templates and adding new features. With constant communication and hard work, each and every member of our team provides stellar service. As our platform continues to grow, our team is constantly growing to incorporate dedicated members.