Augmented Reality Explained


Augmented reality (AR), not be confused with virtual reality (VR), has blown up in more than a major way. In the simplest terms, AR works by creating a composite visual combination of the real-world environment and virtual elements that change in response to sensory stimuli. In addition to things that directly stimulate the senses such as sound and touch, certain types of data such as GPS coordinates) can play a role in the way that the composite AR display is manipulated. The following is a sim... Continue reading

The timeline used to determine precisely who meets the criteria for generation Z classification spans between birth dates within 1998 to 2013. Far from its humble beginnings as a speculative and strangely terrifying twinkle on the horizon, the fully matured generation Z member demographic has emerged in the flesh and in the tax brackets. Don’t take the low age bracket of generation Z as any sign of low impact on the ways that older shoppers behave in the market. What DWW found after a thor... Continue reading

Since the birth of the field at the 1956 Dartmouth Artificial Intelligence (AI) Conference, today’s AI machine learning power inhabits in an entirely new dimension of possibilities. The growing wave of refined AI solutions today can independently master everything from strategy games to new languages. Modern AI solutions are in all the right positions to make revolutionary changes to the web development and B2B/B2C frontiers. After surveying 2,500 business leaders, PwC reported that 72% o... Continue reading

limecube new blog version 7.0

New Release: Blog Version 7.0!


We are super excited for our upcoming new release of our Blog (V7.0) in the coming weeks. Our new version is completely out with the old, and in with the new. The Blog will be a fully integrated with the Page Editor, providing you with a seamless process for creating and editing blog posts. Which means you can easily switch between adding website pages and blog posts without needing to navigate to other parts of the CMS. And best of all, it will give you full access to all drag/drop plugins to c... Continue reading

Fancy visiting the Great Wall of China in the comfort of your own home? Or perhaps exploring the depths of the underwater world? Virtual reality has the ability to transform our everyday life and society as we know it. The trending technology has been on the rise in the past few years with many industries identifying and adopting its’ advantages. Here are 5 industries that virtual reality could transform in the near future: Education Remember sitting in Geography class and reading a bori... Continue reading