Beautiful Templates

All Limecube templates are professionally designed and fully responsive for any type of website.

  • Modern designs
  • All themes provide optimal user experience
  • Designed with modern browsers and devices in mind
  • Fully customisable through our style editor

Template Changing

Want to change your template? No problem! Limecube allows you to easily change your templates at any time.

Designed for any kind of website

Whether your website is for a business, event or blog, Limecube is for everyone. Every template comes with the ability to use all major types of content including galleries, videos, blogs and more.

Style Editor

Flexible style settings allow you to customise your colours, fonts and page layout. Effortlessly customise your website with our style editor to fit your corporate branding strategy.

Fully Responsive for all devices

Your website has been built to display on any kind of device. Desktop, Mobile, Tablet.

Customizable layout with Drag&Drop

All sections of your site allow you to customize the content within, allowing you to make your template as simple or sophisticated as you want. Simply drag and drop each element to where you want it to display.

Customizable fonts

Choose from the 50 most popular fonts on Google.

Page Editor

Intelligent WYSIWYG Editor

  1. Auto strips out nasty html from Word and Emails etc. No need for using notepad in between!
  2. Retains clean formatting such as heading styles and table formats.

Unlimited Pages

Need 5 pages, or need 1,000? No problems, create as many as you like.

View Selection

While in editing mode, you can select to view in Desktop, Mobile or Tablet to see exactly how your site will look on each device.

SEO Tags & Google Priority

Meta Title and Meta Description can be set on each page while you edit or create them. A Google Priority can also be set to help you tell Google the level of importance you place on the page.

Page Access

Need to restrict a page for login only access? You can automatically restrict the pages that a group can access by setting page access permissions.

Page Revision History

Page revision keeps a history of changes on each page, showing you what changes have been made by whom and allowing you to easily restore a previous version.

Restore Deleted Pages

Accidently deleted a page? Your pages are stored for 60 days and can easily be restored with one click of your mouse.


Drag and Drop

Images can be easily drag-and-dropped into the desired area.

Image SEO

Limecube gives you full control over image file names, site alt and title tags to optimise your site and provide best SEO results.

Image Editor

The image editor makes basic image editing a breeze, to make the image fit exactly as you’d like within the site. Our image editor also allows to easily enhance and retouch your images for beautiful results.


Gallery Selection

Showcase your beautiful images with our state of the art galleries. Through our variety of, slideshows and layouts; you can create the look and feel of your site in no time.

Video Functions

Our Gallery options allow you to create mixed media presentations through inserting audio, video and image files.


Easily indexed and searchable

Clean code, Google Friendly Structure.

Meta Title & Description

For every page. Meta Title and Meta Description can be set on each page while you edit or create them.

Search engine friendly urls

Our builder gives you the freedom to structure your URL’s based on your own keyword and SEO goals.

Google Priority

A Google Priority can also be set to help you tell Google the level of importance you place on the page.

In-built automated Google XML Sitemap

Limecube automatically establishes the number of every URL on your website to provide relevant priority and proper indexing.

In-built automated HTML Sitemap

In order to that your site is easily indexable for search engines, Limecube automatically produces clean HTML markups for all pages.

Google Preview

Our CMS allows you to preview all pages in a Google layout before making the page active or live.

Case Sensitive URLs

Many CMS don’t handle URLs well, and as a result variations on a URL cause duplicate content penalties with Google and see your site disappearing from Google. Limecube takes care of your URLs so that Google only has to worry about 1.

Canonical Tags

Limecube ensures that search engines identify and show the correct versions of your page by generating proper rel="canonical" tags.

Noindex tags setting

Easily hide pages across your whole site from viewers through the addition of our noindex tag.

Nofollow tags setting

Restrict the value of hyperlinks on your web site through our no-follow tag setting.

Activity Manager

Easily track activity and changes made by other users and contributors of your website through our activity log.

301 Redirects Tool

Use our 301 redirects tool to easily direct old links to new pages.

Image tags

Image ALT and TITLE tags are automatically generated to improve indexing across all search engines.

Schema.org inbuilt


Google Analytics Integration

Limecube allows you to integrate your new website with Google Analytics to gain deeper insight on your viewer and web page interactions.

SEO Module



Access Level Controls

Permissions Manager can be used to control access among contributor across all modules and pages on your site.

Activity Log

Track all changes and actions made by contributors through our Activity log.

Enterprise Security Controls

Auto and manual settings

Visitor IP Blocking

Limecube allows you to easily block repeat spam visitors to your website through our Visitor IP Blocking feature.


Featured Posts

Featured Posts enable you to showcase your most important blog posts at the top.

Blog Post Carousel

Our latest features allow you to showcase your blog posts in a carousel format.

Auto Post Image Sizing

Limecube automatically generates the sizing of summary images to make your blog post updates hassle free!

Scheduled Posts

Our blog editor allows you to schedule posts to be published at a particular time or date.

Social Sharing

Visitors are able to easily share posts on a variety of social media platforms via our configurable sharing buttons.

Commenting Function

Our integrated commenting function allows viewers to leave and reply to other comments, increasing interaction within your website.

Comment Moderation

Use the comment moderation function to view and approve comments before they appear live on your website.

Social Login Function

Limecube blogging platform allows viewers to easily login and share blog posts on multiple social media platforms.

Blog Manager

Review, Schedule and Publish blog posts whenever you please through integrated functions.

Categories and Tags

Set categories and tags on individual blog posts to enable viewers to easily find and read posts containing similar content.

Blog Feed

Have a feed display for your latest posts on any page in the site, or even filter by tags or categories.

Schema.org inbuilt


Author Profiles

Create new author profiles to indicate or set who the blog posts are written by.

Post Date and Edited Date/Author Attribution

Our CMS allows you to modify date and author of blog posts with ease.


Content Ownership

Showcase your beautiful images with our state of the art galleries. Through our variety of, slideshows and layouts; you can create the look and feel of your site in no time.


We do not sell any data relating to you to third parties. To view our full privacy policy, click here.

Straightforward Plans

No long term contracts, pay from month-to-month if you like. Cancel at any time.


Bring your own domain

Easily connect your domain from a 3rd party to point to Limecube. You retain control over your own domain.



24/7 Email Support

Can’t find the answer you need in our help centre? At Limecube we offer email support 24 hours a day. Our customer care and service team members work hard to respond to all queries within the day.

Help Centre

Our help centre offers extensive and detailed guides on all areas of Limecube. We constantly update our help centre to answer all your questions on related topics.


Social Links

Allow viewers to easily find and follow your profiles on major networking websites with social links.


Limecube enables you to allow access to multiple contributors to manage and change your site.