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It’s never been so easy to create your own website, no design or coding experience required. Our easy to use drag and drop website builder will make it a piece of cake for you to create your own website in no time. No technology induced tantrums. Our platform has been built for everyone and anyone, even if you have a sum total of zero website building skills. It’s not just for developers (although they are very welcome too).

Our team of ‘real people’ have tried and tested the Limecube website builder to ensure the drag and drop tool is the best around. It not only allows you to create your own website without the headaches and frustration, it is so easy to manage and update that you won’t even need to be shown how. We promise, no 100 page manuals, hours spent in a game of ‘what the’ tennis with our helpdesk or tedious training courses!



Choosing a
Stunning Template is Simple

Our templates have been built with both beauty and function in mind, as far as we’re concerned you can’t have one without the other. We’ve kept the choice simple for you so you don’t waste hours trawling through templates that are only subtly different! We’d rather you spend time bringing your ideas to life. All our templates have been tested on multiple browsers and devices, so they look and behave just as well on a mobile, tablet or desktop. No matter what device your visitors are using they will get the same great experience.

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We Help You
Stand Out

Here's an incredible (and slightly scary) statistic for you: there are now over 60 trillion pages on the Internet. That's right, 60,000,000,000,000 pages! Now that’s a lot of zeros, a lot of noise for your website to cut through and a lot of competitors going after the same audience and the same key search words. Unless your site is optimised for search engines, chances are you won't get found in that galaxy of web-based information. While most content management systems have added SEO as an after-thought, Limecube has had SEO functions built in from the start. You'll have access to the SEO settings you need to optimise your site giving you the best chance of getting to the top of Google.



We’ve Got
the Technical Stuff Covered

You don’t have an IT department, if you’re lucky you have a friend who’s pretty good with computers! That’s why we’ve done the techie stuff for you. It’s well known that some of the major content management systems (we won't mention names) do have a problem with getting hacked. This can result in bad content being added to your site or your email server getting high-jacked to send spam emails. That’s why we’ve given Limecube ‘enterprise grade’ security features as standard. We use one of the leading web hosting solutions in the world, with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, to ensure your website stays online and runs fast.



Help Is Only
a Message Away

We’re not saying you won’t or shouldn’t ask for help. Reality is we want you to come to us with your questions no matter how large or small. It’s how we’ll ensure you continue to have an amazing Limecube experience, but also it will help us to keep improving and developing the features you need and want. It goes without saying, your website is important to you and your business. It needs to function perfectly and look professional 24/7, making robust commercial support a must-have. We have a full team of designers and developers at Limecube HQ, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you won't be left out in the cold if you need support.

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We Support 
You as You Grow

Limecube will support you and your website for the long term, we’re not just going to stick around for the initial glory and then forget about you that’s for sure! If you want to change or update your theme to suit your growing or evolving business, no problem. Limecube allows you to make a change easily whenever you like. Just like you don’t put limits on your potential for success (or at least you shouldn’t) we don’t limit the number of pages you can add, whether you want 5 or 500 that’s fine with us. As you grow, you can add more editors and administrators to your website but that doesn’t mean you will lose control. Our Activity Manager allows you to track changes made by other users and you can manage the access levels of different users across your website using the Permissions Manager. With easy Google Analytics integration you can gain a deeper understanding of your audience and continually refine and improve your website performance.


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