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HubSpot found that 54% of emails are opened on mobile platforms. Ofcom4, a UK-based telecoms regulator, reported that 81% of smartphone users say that email is the most common thing they use their smart phone for. Based on the stats alone, it’s safe to say that email can dramatically increase the average lifetime value of your customers; however, you’ve got to make sure there aren’t any laws broken in the process.

Even though there are plenty of offers for purchased email lists, you can't legally mass email people who haven't consented to receiving emails from you. Even if it were legal, people displeased with a mass emailer can have that emailer’s account penalized if they report the messages as spam in high enough numbers.

Simply put, attempting a shortcut with an anonymously provided email list you bought can wind up being counterproductive and even downright self-destructive at worst. However, by emailing those who have already expressed an interest in your business, you can multiply your chance for success tenfold without risking major consequences. Keep the following tips in mind for the best chance at seeing your email efforts help you excel.

Segment your Email Lists Meticulously

When it comes to people's receptiveness to your emails, segmentation is key. Just like SEM and Google Shopping campaigns, you need to think very carefully about just what the people who receive your emails personally find appealing and relevant.

With email marketing services like MailChimp and Aweber, email lists can be segmented and automatically sent to people based on the specific behaviors that you specify. Just like any SEO or PPC campaign, making granular adjustments to your email segmentation by watching how it reflects in your analytics is crucial.

Nurture Your Leads and Discover New Opportunities

Emails can be used for a wide variety of purposes, from delivering free value to your market to announcing upcoming events. One of the best strengths of emails is lead nurturing, allowing you to turn your subscribers into brand ambassadors that happily do your marketing for you. A satisfied customer who becomes a brand ambassador can easily end up indirectly delivering 10 times the value of their first conversion just through word-of-mouth.

You can even use email marketing to discover new, untapped desires in your target market that may have not been so apparent at first. Always offer an opportunity for the recipients of your emails to give their personalized feedback; by doing this, you transform the email into a conversation that can provide enlightening information. You can gracefully discover hidden demand in your market by tactfully asking questions through email surveys.

Pinpoint Your Approach to the Appropriate State of the Buyer’s Journey

Before people become buyers, they first have to become aware of the fact that they have a problem or need in the first place. After recognizing that there’s something they need to fix a problem or sate a desire, a future customer can then consider the different options that they have to solve it. By mapping out the point in the journey to becoming a buyer that members of your target market may be in, you can decide which emails should accompany any content used to reach them at that point in time.

Because emails offer so much room potential for personalization, you can easily make them relevant to any touch-point that triggers them in the marketing process. Even if a person has left your site without buying anything, emailing can be one of the most effective ways to re-target them. If you run a commerce site, then one of the cleverest ways that you can successfully re-target people with emails is to send them to people who leave your website with items still in their carts.

Reward Subscriptions by Providing Immediate Value

Send a concise email that clearly describes what new email list subscribers should expect. Providing immediate value can condition the people on your email list to associate your brand with dependability. In this Inverted Pyramid approach, you provide the most relevant and valuable information upfront so that there's no delay in getting to the meat of what you have to say.

In addition to showing that you’re a real value provider, the initial email can also properly set subscribers’ expectations for messages to receive in the future. Even if you get consent from the people who opt into your email list to send them updates, it pays to make sure that they actually know how often they should expect to hear from you. The people in your email list will appreciate having the peace of mind that you're not going to spam their inbox into oblivion.

Use Statistics Like Your Open Rate Bounce Rate to Identify and Resolve Issues

Always pay attention to the frequency of engagement in your email campaigns. Everything from picture clicks to CTA fulfillment should be taken as an important metric. Even the less favorable results need to be paid attention to so that you can keep track of basic deliverability.

If your contact list churns out because people are unsubscribing after receiving certain emails, being aware of that churn metric before grows too large to ignore will give you extra leeway to start exercising corrective measures.

If you're getting frequent email bounces, there are two types of bounce code to be aware of: the soft bounce, which begins with the number 4, and a hard bounce that starts with the number 5. While a soft bounce simply lets you know that there was a temporary deliverability issue, a hard bounce is more serious and often indicates that emails shouldn’t be sent to an address again.

Your reputation as an email sender is directly correlated with your chance of maintaining decent deliverability in the long term. Building up a positive reputation for sending valuable emails to pleased recipients increases the chance that future emails will get opened in general; on the other hand, unmitigated spam complaints can sabotage your chance at actually having your future emails read at all.

The number of spam complaints that you receive is usually only about a third of the true number of people who think that they're receiving spam from you; therefore, even a small percentage of spam complaints should be taken seriously.

In a survey, HubSpot reported that 63% of consumers find most of the marketing emails that they receive irrelevant. Because of irrelevance, just about half of all email users end up unsubscribing from the email list of a businesses or nonprofit that they initially found interesting. Naturally, by providing relevant value, your emails will be an extremely welcome departure from the norm for most people.

Keep Your Subject Lines Simple and Strong

Different brands and campaign styles call for different approaches to subject lines, but generally speaking, the most successful campaigns tend to have subject lines that collectively form a balance between being compelling and concise. A vague subject line won’t magically compel people to open them, but a real degree of value delivered in few words is a proven approach to getting good results on average.

Takeaway Bullets

  • Segment your Email Lists Meticulously
  • Nurture Your Leads and Discover New Opportunities
  • Pinpoint Your Approach to the Appropriate State of the Buyer’s Journey
  • Reward Subscriptions by Providing Immediate Value
  • Use Your Email Stats to Identify and Resolve Issues
  • Keep Your Subject Lines Simple and Strong

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