Beginners vs Exp Users DIY or Hired Specialist?

Beginners vs Experienced Users - Should You Do It Yourself or Invest In Hired Specialists?

Let’s bust one big myth right away: you don’t have to be the messiah of digital marketing magic just to do digital marketing right; with that said, there’s still naturally some pros and cons to either decisions of being a solo DIYer or outsourcing.

The Time Factor

Even if you’ve already got some strong digital marketing skills, time is an extremely valuable resource that having specialized help can save. At the same time, if you’re constantly at the front lines of the operation, you won’t have to worry about your rankings suddenly tanking due to all your SEO talent sudden leaving for any given reason.

The Specialization Factor

Generalists can eat and thrive in the digital marketing woods, but because there are so many different paths that point to different potential needs, you may or may not benefit from the help of niche specialists in specific areas. It could also always be beneficial to have a second, third, fourth or fifth pair of eyes on deck so that you don’t suffer from being “too close to the painting” to see the full picture.

Walking Proven Paths to Profit

While there’s always a margin of error, working with people who have gotten proven results in the past could give you well-founded confidence in statistically proven success. Well-read SEO professionals could definitely give you a clearer lens to observe the state of industry with as well. With experienced users handling the heavy lifting, you just might have more time to focus more attention on your core passions instead of just digital marketing lingo.

Maximum Control

Now while the benefits of surrounding yourself with people who already know what they’re doing is clear, there’s still one or two things to appreciate about striking it out as a solo act too. As a DIYer, you have full control over the direction of each aspect of your project from start to finish. You never have to worry about something falling through due to unforeseen circumstances in other team members’ personal lives.

Natural Refinement

By getting hands-on experience, your skills will naturally grow from the practice. Even as a DIY beginner, you can hit the ground running. It may seem difficult at first, but what’s truly the hardest part of it all is just deciding on what’s most important to test out and when to test those things. Learning as you go isn’t a guaranteed path to doom, because there will always be a roadmap to what you need to know. The roadmap is hidden in the data made available to you in abundance, and the path to finding it is paved in patience.

Unparalleled Potential to Learn from Mistakes

Nobody knows all the ins and outs of analytics and interpretation when they’re fresh out of the gate. The path to digital marketing mastery is a process, and for most people, learning what doesn't work needs to come before you discover what leads to the big wins. Starting out fresh might even mean that you have an opportunity to discover a potential new talent that you never knew you had.

Establishing your Ideal Digital Marketing Areas

Every digital marketing skill that can be mastered is like a distinct art form. Some might have a knack for charcoal while others are more at home with watercolors, but they can’t ever find that out if they’re too afraid to even step into the studio.

Even if you don't have an ocean of completed projects under your belt, digital marketing is a quality game, not a quantity game. The track record will come with time. For right now, what matters most is to get in love with the learning process. After all, there’s no law against simply consulting experts to help you get into the swing of things before you go as far as hiring them for a retainer fee.

Takeaway Bullets for Working with Experts

  • The Time Factor
  • The Specialization Factor
  • Walking Proven Paths to Profit

Takeaway Bullets for Working Independently 

  • Maximum Control
  • Natural Refinement 
  • Unparalleled Potential to Learn from Mistakes 
  • Establishing Your Ideal Digital Marketing Areas 

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