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X (formerly Twitter)

There are over 500 million tweets written on a daily basis and well over 300 million active users. While not as rich in sheer user count as the older Facebook, X’s user engagement rate and strong concentration of potential target market prospects is still extremely promising.

Hootsuite reported that 66% of X users have become newly familiar with a small or medium business on the platform, and of those who do, nearly 95% have the intent to buy something. 63.5% of social media managers report that X is one of their best ROI-delivering social media channels. Knowing the massive potential for marketing success that lies in X when it’s advertised the right way, you’ll want to keep the X promotion tips below in mind.

Create More Urgency with Fewer Words and Stronger Visual Content

Much like Facebook, your X audience will generally always be more likely to engage with visually impactful content; however, what’s even more crucial on X is the character count factor. When it comes a Tweet’s word count likelihood of engagement, less is always more.

Because of the limited character count, one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal for engaging X users is the element of urgency. You can deliver the next degree of urgency by focusing on the scarcity of remaining units or time to take advantage of special offer.

It only takes a simple diagram or animation to quickly send a concise and powerful message about exactly what it is that you’re offering. Pair your visual media up with action-oriented words and phrases to communicate scarcity and compel your true target users to take action right away.

Make Your Promoted Tweets Pop Out More with the Word “Free”

You can rise above the crowd of advertisers pushing the prices of their products by offering things for free. Simply using the word "free" and accompanying it with a strong image can be a great way to lower people’s shields, raise more brand awareness and get more engagement.

Use Hashtags in Moderation

While hashtags can marginally contribute to the potential exposure of your Tweets, using them excessively will do more harm than not. No number of hashtags alone can give your tweets enough organic reach to be a game changer. Focusing more on the quality of your call to action, and the urgency that you can announce it with, will always turn out better than just trying to use hashtags to paint with the widest brush.

Provide Users with Abundant Chances to Provide their Input

In addition to communicating a sense of urgency, you can strongly compel engagement even within X’s limited character space just by opening the floor to questions. The small amount of room there is to write lengthy individual Tweets does nothing to prevent X users from engaging in lengthy discussions about topics they have strong feelings about.

Do your due diligence to find out what debate-worthy subjects in your industry might be relevant to your target market. You don’t even have to reveal your own stance on a matter to stimulate engagement by setting the stage for users to debate among themselves in chains of replies to your Tweet. The more people that get involved in a survey or discussion that you start, the more that brand awareness will grow due to connections of those involved seeing your X handle.

Experiment with Different Combinations of Campaign Types and Media Attachments

X’s marketing promotion system offers an abundance of diverse and specific and specific clickable CTAs to match your desired campaign outcome. In addition to promoting an individual Tweet to get it more visibility, you can also promote the entire account as a whole to help more X users get familiar with your business in general. If you promote any Tweet, your viewers should know whether you want them to click the button to become more educated about a topic or to get something you’re offering in a giveaway.

To improve your overall X promotion performance rate, assess the effectiveness of all your promotional media by attaching different images/videos to multiple Tweets with the same text. If the tweets that you test have a strong CTA or a question that invites engagement, you can get an accurate idea of which images and videos inspire the most immediate action in your target audience.

Without outright spamming, test your promotional Tweets swiftly and adapt immediately. Even if you don't immediately drive up more engagement, becoming aware of what doesn't get results can quickly lead to the things that do if you adapt accordingly. On a platform as fast-moving as X, sometimes you just have to be willing to get the ineffective approaches out of the way before you can discover what actually works.

Localize Your Tweets to Reach People During the Most Active Hours in their Time Zones

Like Google and Facebook, X allows you to pinpoint promoted Tweet visibility to users in specific regions and cities. Be advised that simultaneously targeting both a broad geographic region and a specific city within that region will just make the promotion’s exposure default to the wider area encompassing the smaller one.

Make Sure Your Ad Funding Model Matches Your Ideal CPA

Like an SEM campaign, you can establish a specific bidding agreement for your promotional X campaigns. X campaigns made for brand awareness are paid for by the CPM model, in which you agree to pay a certain amount for every thousand impressions. Promoted Tweets with buttons calling for conversions can be paid for on a CPC basis. In a X campaign that’s specifically made to generate video views, you will only pay for every time a user watches your video in full-screen, unmutes it, or watches at least two seconds of the playback.

You can scale your bids either manually or have them automatically set. Whichever payment model you agree to, you’ll ultimately want to make sure that your overall CPA is worth the profit margin or exposure you stand to gain.

Be Willing to Observe Initially Successful Campaigns Over the Long Term

Be willing to invest the time needed to conduct multiple tests and confidently develop a full campaign plan before you put it into action. Before being acquired by Oracle in 2014, consumer data collection company Datalogix discovered that X campaigns that ran for more than three months got an average ROI that was 100% larger than those that ran for less than one month.

X ad campaigns that run for longer stretches of time tend to have a greater chance of providing returns than those that don't, but before you commit to the long haul, you want to be backed up by metrics that give you objectively well-founded confidence in their likelihood of succeeding.

X, just like Facebook and Google ads, offers you access to a tracking code that you can embed on your landing pages to keep tabs on your promotional campaign performance over time. If you plan critically, target your audience accurately, and exercise patience, you’ll likely see an uptick in your CTR after a X promotion that’s actually inspiring engagement has been running for several weeks at a time.

Again, keep in mind that sticking it out for the long haul is a strategy best used with promoted Tweets that show real signs of potential early on in the campaign’s lifespan. If you notice that a new campaign has failed to generate any engagement for several days after activating it, cut if off and take note of possible improvements.

Takeaway Bullets

  • Create More Urgency with Fewer Words and Stronger Visual Content
  • Make Promoted Tweets Pop Out More with the Word "Free"
  • Use Hashtags in Moderation
  • Provide Users with a Chance to Provider their Input
  • Experiment with Different Combinations of Campaign Types and Media Attachments
  • Localize Your Tweets to Reach People During the Most Active Hours in their Time Zones
  • Make Sure Your Ad Funding Model Matches Your Ideal CPA
  • Be Willing to Observe Initially Successful Campaigns Over the Long Term 

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