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With over 1 billion active users, there are unparalleled opportunities on Facebook to closely study target demographics. Compared to other social media platforms, Facebook gives you the broadest promotional reach across all age groups in the population. Within the billion-member strong Facebook userbase lies unparalleled potential for target audience customization.

Even though organic reach on Facebook may be getting lower, the number of opportunities and options that you have to narrowly define a custom audience with the highest chance of responding positively to your ads has never been greater.

Facebook’s interactive ad formats not only expand your potential impression range but can also boost audience engagement. The more opportunities that you create for users to actively interact with well-targeted ads, the more time on average that people will tend to spend engaging with your content in general.

Use Interactive Content with Strong Visuals to Increase Post Engagement and Brand Awareness

No matter what the specific subject of the promotion may be, sharing strong visual content on Facebook always creates a higher clickthrough rate on average. Without even factoring in leads and conversions, simply being more visible on people’s feeds due to dynamic images is extremely effective for raising brand awareness.

Your target market will become more familiar with your brand at a faster rate if the content is visually stimulating enough to make them pay more attention to it and remember it longer. As overall familiarity with your brand grows with the first few campaign rounds, a higher number of people wo didn’t engage at first will likely begin engaging with subsequent ads even if the initial impression didn’t compel them to click.

Always Capitalize on Video Content

Capitalizing on video content is crucial for Facebook marketing. Over 100 million hours of video are viewed Facebook every day by active users. On average, Facebook videos get 135% more organic impressions than photos do. Studies show that people are able to recall videos with seven times the clarity that they can recall text. If you want to experiment with a quicker and slightly less disruptive video promotion method, consider using slideshow ads.

The power Facebook videos can be taken even further with link ads. You can make the CTA in your video ads even more compelling by embedding a customized link ad to play on the sense of urgency and drive it home.

Use Carousel Ads and Full Screen Ads to Share and Focus Value

An offer’s biggest unique selling point (USP) is usually valuable enough to compel potential sales all on its own, but you may still sometimes have an offer with more than just a single big “hook”. You may even have an offer wherein the full value is created by several distinct yet equally important features that play off one another.

You can productively display more than one USP at the same time with the right tact and a mindfully chosen format choice. With Facebook’s carousel ads, you have a streamlined way to simultaneously show off multiple USPs with shared CTA.

If more you’re interested in promoting a high-ticket offer with one well-defined and compelling selling point, this can be well-executed with full screen canvas ads. Whereas carousel ads can equally share the representation of value between multiple things, full canvas ads can be a very attractive way to give the full floor to a single selling point that you feel deserves undivided focus.

Run Split Tests to Discover Your Best Ad Formats

The more unique ad types that you experiment with, the better your ability will be to identify what audiences are and aren't ideal to optimize for. Simply using two different ad formats to promote the same content can be considered a form of split testing, giving you an opportunity to gain even greater confidence in the methods that work better.

No matter what your brand’s Facebook page category is or what your specific marketing goals are, you can base any split test analysis on CPM, CPC and CPA metrics in the same way that you would in any other digital marketing discipline. From the first Facebook ad to the final sale, you’d be wise to constantly track the average costs of what you're ultimately paying for conversions.

Facebook shows you just how many people have viewed any ad or boosted post that you promote. By tracking overall impressions, you can get a good idea of the visibility that you have on the platform when using a certain combination of target audience attributes and post elements.

Because of the precision that Facebook allows you to define your promotion audience with, combining it with Google Analytics can help you achieve highly cost-efficient campaign growth. In time, you will gradually become far more capable of cutting down the CPC of each and every promotion that you run on the platform.

Combine Facebook Audience Targeting with Curated Content to Build Strong Customer Affinity

Like other digital marketing areas, it will almost always pay off more to focus on building loyal customer relationships through Facebook than simply driving up sales. It’s not just about promoting what you’ve got for sale, but also sharing content that your target audience would naturally enjoy.

As many opportunities as there are for you to promote your offers in dynamic ways, don't let promotional activity alone dominate your Facebook business activity. Counterbalance the promotional content on your Facebook business pages with content that communicates endearing brand values and an appreciation for the characteristic personal tastes of your audience.

Start by thinking about the hobbies that people in your target market have, the media they consume and daily things they find relatable. A higher quality of audience targeting will increase the average receptiveness to all content your share.

You can create more conversions simply due to a strong sense of personal affinity that customers have with your brand and the good feelings they associate it with. When Sprout Social surveyed social media users for their opinions on the most annoying social media behaviors by businesses in 2016, 57.5% reported that overly promotional activity was the worst[1]. Eventually, the time that you invest in building higher customer affinity can translate to higher conversions without even having to get salesy.

Consider Using Facebook as a Talent Recruitment Tool

Beyond just using paid advertisements to build up more receptive buyers, you can also use Facebook as a way to recruit top talent to assist in your digital marketing goals. If you have a growth-oriented mindset, then there may come a time when you realize that the next step in your business's evolution is to build a bigger or more specialized team.

Facebook can be a great place to get in contact with people who have specific skills and interests that are relevant to your business. If you’re able to provide value to them in return, you can establish mutually beneficial relationships to keep succeeding with more hands on deck as you scale up your operation.

Build an Organized Content Backlog with a Pre-Publishing Checklist for Consistent Quality

It’s always a good idea to develop a plan of long-term content sharing plan so that you’ve always got a backlog with something in queue. By building up an organized backlog, you can make sure that there is always something in queue to engage your audience without hastily posting something just for the sake of it.

Before publishing any kind of content on Facebook, make sure to ask yourself a few things to determine whether it's a good idea to go through with it:

  1. Does the content really offer genuine, actionable value to the target models?
  2. Does the content agree with the tone that you've already established with your content in the past?
  3. If you haven't a established a distinct promotional tone already, does the content represent a tone that you could see yourself consistently sticking to in the future?
  4. Does the content quickly and singlehandedly paint an accurate picture of what your brand stands for?
  5. Does the content contain something that compels people to take a specific action that directly contribute to the measurable goals you have for Facebook marketing?

Takeaway Bullets

  • Use Interactive Content with Strong Visuals to Increase Post Engagement and Brand Awareness
  • Always Capitalize on Video Content
  • Use Carousel Ads and Full Screen Ads to Share and Focus Value
  • Run Split Tests to Discover Your Best Ad Formats
  • Combine Facebook Audience Targeting with Curated Content to Build Strong Customer Affinity
  • Consider Using Facebook as a Talent Recruitment Tool
  • Build an Organized Content Backlog with a Pre-Publishing Checklist for Consistent Quality

{1} York, A. (2017, December 11). 7-Step Facebook Marketing Strategy to Dominate 2017. Retrieved January 26, 2018, from https://sproutsocial.com/insights/facebook-marketing-strategy/

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