Limecube V4.1.6 | Date of Release - May 29, 2018

V4.1.6 | Released - May 29, 2018

Below are a list of release notes covering what has been released and improved this week. This was quite a large update.

Theme Switcher

This is one we are very excited about as we now give you the ability to switch your theme, future proofing your site so our users can change or upgrade the design of their site any time they want. This is something not even the biggest players in this market do at all, or do very well. We give you a 'working copy' of the new Theme which includes all your content from your live site, allowing you to make tweaks and adjustments to the new Theme. When you are ready, you can push the working copy live with no downtime at all.

New Before & After Gallery

We've released a new plugin for a before and after slider. A very cool way to create a great looking before and after gallery for your pages. Very useful from things such as photography through to cosmetic before and after results.

Style Editor Improvements

  1. Added more mobile styles across different Themes. This started last release and will continue into next release.
  2. Made each section of the style editor accordion style to make it easier to see what sections are covered, and more importantly find the sections you want to work on much faster.
  3. Changed the colour picker to a new version. The previous version had some bugs the creator (the colour picker was open source) was not quick to fix.


  1. Changes to the 'Add Element' popup to make the icons appear immediately. Previously there was sometimes a delay in these showing.
  2. On this Profile page when clicking the 'Live' checkbox to make the site live, if the DNS had not yet been pointed it stopped the user from being able to login to Limecube. We implemented additional checks to see if the DNS was pointing to the site so that there will be no restrictions on logging in.
  3. Improvement to the delete button on the profile page to make it more clear it deletes the entire site and profile.
  4. Improvement to the content block for inserting a page link. It now shows an option for all internal pages within the site to select from.
  5. Menu (food/beverages) Plugin Improvement - 'Insert anchor'. This inserts any main menu items to the top of the page to make these clickable down to that part of the menu.
  6. An option now for bulk selection of images from the file manager to insert to a gallery. This makes it much faster to create galleries with a lot of images.
  7. Improved scroll bars in Admin popups as these were too narrow to easily grab for all users.
  8. A Profile menu item added to the Limecube Admin menu to make it easier for users to find profile, payment details and invoices.


  1. Added noindex/nofollow settings to categories and tags for the blog
  2. Anything marked as noindex is removed from /sitemap.xml.

Box Plugin

  1. Added a setting for background colour
  2. Added a setting for text colour in case there is a need to override the site wide setting to work with the background colour.
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