Below are a list of release notes covering what has been released and improved this week. This was a smaller update, focused more around structural improvements for better efficiency and unity within the Limecube framework, as well as smaller improvements to plugins and features.


Included a robots.txt field under Settings.


  1. Added a 100% height feature to the Slider/Carousel to allow 100% height on any browser the page is being viewed in.
  2. Improved responsiveness for mobile devices for the before and after gallery with how images adjust to different devices.
  3. Added a function to the navigation menu for turning drag 'n drop on/off. This is a UX improvement as some users found upon occasion they would accidentally move a menu item when performing other tasks.
  4. Minor UX changes to the page editor for improved visibility.


  1. Added a settings icon to the top of the page to allow easy access to blog post settings.
  2. Additions to the blog feed to allow more flexibility in layout:
    1. 'Display' 'Horizontally/Vertically. This displays posts either downwards or across the page.
    2. Tiled to allow for the blog text to sit within the posts image.

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