Below are a list of release notes covering what has been released and improved this release. This was a smaller update, focused around smaller improvements to plugins and features.


  1. Box plugin buttons changed in the image over text layout to align with one another regardless of the amount of text. This provides a more symmetrical layout.
  2. Adding into the settings page, a function to switch the ' Limecube' credit in the footer of the site on/off.
  3. Adding a warning to the style editor if leaving the page without saving.
  4. In popups with the visual text editor, adding the ability to edit HTML directly, and insert image to this same section.
  5. On user signup, the business name entered auto populates the logo text area in the theme of the header.
  6. Added the visual text editor into the Slider/Carousel for more flexibility. Previously this was a text only field.
  7. Adding Google reCAPTCHA settings to the Settings page to allow users to add their own form spam protection.
  8. Moving domain management from the Profile page to its own section under 'Site Manager' for improved UX.
  9. Adding credit card as a payment method to the plans signup page for more flexible payment options. Accepting Visa, American Express, MasterCard.


2 new themes release:

  1. Bokeh
  2. Vision

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