Below are a list of release notes covering what has been released and improved this release. This was a smaller update, focused around smaller improvements to plugins and features. It also covered design improvement focused around UX.


  1. Box Group Settings - all layouts: that only affect the text, not image
    1. under 'Image/text ratio' a new heading: 'Space around text''
      1. Vertical' label, select options: None, small, medium, Large, X-Large
      2. 'Horizontal' label, select options: None, small, medium, Large, X-Large
        These will be based on defined classes for each option to retain design integrity throughout.


  1. Changes to the left column under the page editor that contains the site menu/add page function. This column now only opens on click of the page name under the Limecube logo, providing more space for a user to work on their page without interference from the left column when it is not required.
  2. Payment notifications emails are now sent after a successful payment has been taken.
  3. Improved open graph protocol in each sites code for better integration with Facebook.

New Theme

  1. Videre