Below are a list of release notes covering what has been released and improved this release. This was update, focused around smaller improvements to plugins and features. It also covered design improvement focused around UX. And included new plugins.


Google Maps Plugin

Now has a setting to enable Reviews Snippet. The reviews snippet pulls from Google MyBusiness allowing a site to show off their Google Ratings.

New Testimonials Plugin

This plugin allows for single testimonials or auto-rotating testimonials.

Advanced Content Block Plugin

This content block plugin is for creating FAQs (accordion style), Tabs, List sections, and definition Lists (Wikipedia style tables) and making it easier to better display large pieces of content to make it easier for your users to read.


  1. Addition to the style editor to enter a numeric value to insert a space at the top of a page. This can be important for pages that do not have a banner at the top, or for banners that are sitting behind a fixed header and hiding content behind it.
  2. Improvement to the default text when a plugin is dragged onto a page. The new text is designed to give tips to the user to help with how to use the plugin.
  3. Updated the credit card payment form to allow a user to use multiple credit cards as payment methods.