Below are a list of release notes covering what has been released and improved this week.

  1. In each plugins that contains a link, we have made the external URL field also have the ability to insert an anchor point (e.g. #toThisPoint) to point to specific points within that same page.
  2. Header editor link improved to work like other plugins where there is an internal link with all pages in the site showing and external link field.

Grid Gallery

  1. Improving filters to be drag n drop to change order.
  2. We made the upload tile always be the first one to make it easier for longer galleries.
  3. Improved the gallery design by adding:
    1. An on hover overlay
    2. Animated the image thumb to have the image slowly increase
    3. Showing gallery title and description on hover


Adding a Blog Archive element which inserts a 'Year' as a list for each year that contains blog posts.

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