Below are a list of release notes covering what has been released and improved this week.


Next and Previous functional arrows on blog individual Post pages with image previews (the same as you can see here in our blog post).

Blog Feed: Allows filtering by categories or tags, to only show these categories or tags on the place they are inserted. It is a great little feature to help the user to automatically match any blog posts that match the category or tag to the page they are inserted.

Featured Post: ‘Featured Post will push the selected post to the top of the Main blog page. It allows only 1 featured post, so when a new post is set as featured, and another post activated as Featured, the previous one will no longer be active.

Social Buttons - settings added to the admin settings page. These have been designed to share the page, not link to the sites social media channels. It has 2 options for where to insert it:

  1. Above Post and/or
  2. Below Post

Blog summary settings - changed to make the blog post summary thumb have a minimum value of 250px. This is to help keep design integrity.

Grid Layout for the Blog ‘tiled’ - A new settings has been added to the ‘settings’ of the blog summary page. This has been add to switch between the standard vertical image + text, to a grid format that is more visually enticing and better suited to some themes..

Grid Gallery

Image Spacing - New settings in place for user to control their own image spacing, from none through to larger spacing.

Masonry Layout - A new feature to control the grid to be a masonry layout which gives a cool offset effect to the images, calculated based on image width.

Image Filters - Image filters are tags that can be added per image to allow a user on the front of the site to filter the images by those tags.

Other small Improvements

Box Plugin - An addition of a Box Margin option on each set of boxes under settings to allow a user to control their own image spacing, from none through to larger spacing.

Previous Revisions - Improvement to add ‘live page’ which helps the user revert to the current live version. User modified by removed as this is not currently required as only one user can modify the site.

Profile Page - on profile page when saving there is now a confirmation message to make it clearer the page has been saved.

Front End forms - the form validation only showed previously on page refresh. This has been changed to validate without refreshing.

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