Below are a list of release notes covering what has been released and improved this week.

PayPal Button Plugin

The PayPal payment button is a new plugin allowing you to insert payment buttons to your pages and control amounts and currencies you take payment in. It is linked to the PayPal developer centre and allows you to test in live or test mode.

Please note you must have a PayPal business account for this to work.


Responsive Styles - A new section started rolling out for the Style Editor to contain specific styles for Mobile. Most style inherently work well on Mobile, however at times for example where there is long text or an unusually long logo, it requires the ability to override using specific mobile styles. Due to the size of this specific update it will be rolled out over multiple updates.

Unsaved Warning - When leaving a Page Editor page it now popups a warning if anything on the page has not been saved.

Multiple small bug fixes applied.