5 ways to build audience and customers in 2021 & beyond

5 ways to build audience and customers in 2021 and beyond

With 2021 here, now’s a better time than ever for businesses to look towards the possibilities for the future. If one of your New Year’s resolutions for your company is to attract and build new audiences, gain customers and inspire brand loyalty, we’ve got just the list for you. Whether you’re brand new to business and looking for the best way to grow or you’re an old hand in new territory, our five ways to build audience and customers in 2021 and beyond is the best place to start.

Read on for our top five techniques and strategies to build up your business and bring those customers rolling in for the new year:

1. Work on your branding – and get it everywhere

Your company is only as good as your brand. If you want to get customers not only discovering your business but sticking around, great branding is key to your expansion. Perhaps you need to complete a full rebrand for the new year, bringing your brand’s visual identity more in line with your audience. Or maybe you need to focus on raising brand awareness and getting your company in front of the right people. Either way, branding is the critical component that helps to build your customer base and make you identifiable to your audience. Make yourself known in your market, and you’ll soon become the go-to for that customer base.

How can you get your branding out there? Brand-centric marketing is a great place to start, and to do that you need a solid website and social media identity. Make sure everything you do is cohesive across all platforms, and your branding will be in front of your potential customers in no time. Get your branding out there, and a bigger, more loyal customer base will follow.

2. Consider investing in new marketing and testing

Sometimes it takes a bit of thinking outside the box to succeed in anything, and marketing is no exception. Sticking to what generally works is an excellent way to build your customer base slowly and steadily over time but looking at new ways to market your brand and get your business out there could be the cherry on top. If you’re willing to invest in higher-risk marketing and experiment outside your usual methods, you might find an audience ready and waiting to learn more about your service or purchase your product.

Building your audience means occasionally leaving the status quo behind in favour of new and different methods. So if you’re looking to reach new customers, an audience you’ve never connected with before, or you want to provide more to existing customers to differentiate your business from your competition, a little investment in experimentation is well worth investigating.

3. Look at the customer experience through their eyes

UX and UI may seem like areas that are relegated to developers and designers, but they can teach a valuable lesson to all areas of business. The experience you offer to customers, and how easy your business is to access, can play a huge role in getting customers from a ‘maybe’ to a ‘definitely’ on the purchase scale. A streamlined sales process, easy to use website and practical sales funnels all feed into the user experience, whether you’re targeting new customers or looking to provide even more to an existing audience.

Looking through your customer’s eyes into their sales journey can be an excellent way to know how to build your audience next. Making information easy to access, making the checkout process shorter and offering an easy transition from social media to your platform are just a few of the ways you can go about improving the overall user experience. When it comes to reinforcing customer loyalty and improving your reach, making everything easier for them can be an easy win – and well worth the time spent.

4. Implement retention marketing to keep existing customers on-board

Once a sale is complete, your job is done, right? If you want repeat custom and loyalty from your customer base, that line of thinking won’t get you where you need to be. Alongside marketing to shiny, new customers and different audiences, at least part of your effort should go into keeping the customers you already have happy. Once someone has purchased from you and is satisfied with the sales experience, they’re far more likely to buy again than someone that’s never heard of your brand. That’s where retention marketing comes in.

From exclusive sales to reminder emails, retention marketing should be a vital component of your brand strategy. Let your existing customers know you’re thinking about them, and they’re far more likely to keep coming back for more. Building a new audience is great, but don’t forget about the captive audience you already have at home.

5. Go all-in for SEO and content marketing

Content is king when it comes to getting your brand out there. Other businesses may be able to pour money into paid advertising, but SEO and content pays for itself over time. If you aren’t found through social media, much of your customer base will come from search engines. Optimise your website, climb those rankings, and your competition will struggle to match you no matter how much marketing budget they throw at it.

A high-quality website with great-quality, relevant and Google-friendly content can go a long way towards building your audience. Position yourself as the expert brand in your field, and you also get the benefit of legitimacy too. Make your brand fit your particular niche professionally, and your customer base will keep on rising as a result.

Got plans to make your business bigger in 2021? Then our five ways to build that customer base might be precisely what you need. If you’re willing to go big, try new things, and focus on what your customers want, your brand could be bigger than ever in 2021. Considering a brand-new website to keep customers coming back for more? Then Limecube might just be what you’re looking for. Sign Up today to provide a better web presence for your business in 2021.

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