Limecube v7.3.0 | Date of Release - October 20, 2020 | Limecube

v7.3.0 | Released - October 20, 2020

Below are a list of release notes covering what is new and improved in this release. This was an update covering many changes and improvements in Limecube.


  • Videos embedded in banners now have an option to show a static image on page load, and on click the video starts playing. This change is to help page speed improvements. Strangely enough, Google can drop site speed scores by up to 10 for using a YouTube or Vimeo video on the page. By turning this feature on, this does no longer has that same negative speed score from Google.
  • Grid Gallery now has some of it's own styles, overwriting default and previously unchangeable styles.
  • The design and UX has been improved of the file manager for better user experience.
  • Improvements to the theme switcher. Now when using the theme switcher, you can choose to transfer all your content across, or start with a fresh new theme.

Sections Improvements

  • Sections now have the addition of being able to overwrite global colours for headings and links now, no longer just the whole text in the section.
  • Sections now have an anchor ID. This makes it easier to use anchors in page to move to whole sections.
  • Sections can now be set to 100% height of the screen. This function recognises the device the site is on, and fills the whole screen.
  • Save sections are now clearer what they are for, and what is contained within the saved section.

Blog Improvements

  • Blog categories and tags management have been moved from the administration menu into the page editor, allowing faster and more convenient management of these while working on a blog. They can also be accessed via an editing icon on hover of the categories/tags inside the page.

Getting started checklist

  • This is a new checklist that only shows for new users that have not yet finished building their websites. It is to help provide a 'checklist'/guide to helping a user through the key points of building their site on Limecube.

Pexels Free Stock Images

  • This is quite an exciting new addition to Limecube. We now offer access to over 1 million free stock images through the file manager. Simply search and on finding your image, click and insert directly to your page at no extra cost!

Pexels Free images in Limecube

Global Fonts Improvement

Now when choose the fonts you want to use throughout the site, the new interface allows a much quicker view of what those fonts look like together. While changing these fonts updates the fonts in page live, and always has, some themes don't show enough content to give a good feel for font selection usage.

Global Fonts Screen

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