Limecube v7.2.1 | Date of Release - August 26, 2020

v7.2.1 | Released - August 26, 2020

Below are a list of release notes covering what is new and improved in this release. There were also small bug fixes throughout.


  • The advanced content element which contains: Accordion, FAQ, Tabs, List, Definition List has now been split into separate elements in the elements panel. This is for better usability; quicker access. and easier to find.
    • these all now come with 2 default entries in each to make it clearer for first time users how they work.
  • In the banner slider for video embeds, you can now paste the video page url as well from Vimeo and YouTube rather than having to paste the embed code.
  • Under blog comments, an IP address of the user has been added to give a clearer idea if the comment may come from a spammy location, especially when multiple comments are added that are similar.
  • Under the form elements layout settings, previously there were padding fields to allow control over inserting padding when adding a background colour or image. Padding settings have been removed and the page auto detects when a background is placed and inserts padding automatically to keep consistency of spacing in design for better design.
  • The content toolbar has been improved in positioning and labelling around text formatting to make it easier to understand/use.
  • Now when the publish settings of a page have 'show on menu' turned on, it auto makes the page active. This was not always clear to users when a page was not active but was marked as showing on the menu.
  • When dropping a search element onto the page, it automatically pops-up search settings, making it clearer on next steps to use search in-page.
  • Testimonials now allow for an image to be uploaded per testimonial. Typically this will be an image of the person providing the testimonial.
  • Improvements to the mobile view admin side when managing elements. Previously these were covering some of the working space making it more difficult to edit on mobile.
  • Elements settings have been moved to a left side panel now instead of popups. This is to allow more space in the elements settings and making them visually more easy to use.

Image load Improvements

This is an update we were very excited about.

This release had a major change to how images load on pages, with the image server being moved to a much faster image server. This has resulted in significantly faster page load speeds. Prior to this release, pages that were quite heavy and loading at almost 4.9 seconds are now loading at only 1.5 seconds. Other pages loading at around 2.9 seconds we have tested loading at 0.9 seconds. 

New Integration options

There are now 2 new elements in the elements sidebar:

  1. Music/podcasts - these contain integrations with Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn. Find out more here.
  2. Integrations - these contain integrations with Jobadder and Guru Dental. Find out more here.
  3. Zapier integration - You can now create a webhook to integrate with Zapier and push form data to your favourite apps. Find out more here.

Header Edit changes

We have made quite major changes to header editing. This is both around improved usability, but also adding new functionality and with this release a more refined better looking header(s).

Changes include:

  1. Header options slide out in a side panel on the right now, so as to easily see the logo when working on that
  2. A docking options to switch between left and right side for the panel to make it easy to work on both logo and call-to-action (phone and buttons)
  3. Styling options now accessible from inside each section you are working from. E.g. Logo, or CTA.
  4. Clearer labelling for non-tech savvy users
  5. A live view of changes when adjusting the logo. The logo immediately appears in page, and immediately changes sizing as  you change it in the admin panel making it easier to tweak and get right.
  6. On upload of the logo, it auto resizes to a smaller standard size as a better starting point.
  7. The header padding top/bottom will now always have the same fixed padding no matter the size of the logo or call-to-action. This makes it much easier for a user to make the header look nice.
  8. Anything relating to the header section now is accessible by editing the header. It provides a summary of options and quick access to edit any of these without searching through multiple parts of Limecube.
  9. All headers now come with the ability to insert a search element. This is a switch on/off option.
  10. For headers that have space for custom text to be inserted, this can now be switched on/off and editing of the text within the header editor. This improves a usability issue with headers that previously allows dragging of content elements in to manage this.
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