Limecube V5.0.2 | Date of Release - February 21, 2019

V5.0.2 | Released - March 12, 2019

Below are a list of release notes covering what has been released and improved in this release.

This was a large update which is why the version jumped to 5.

Advanced SEO Options

Phase 1 was released of advanced SEO functions. These are designed for SEOs in particular, and those sites serious about increasing the performance of their SEO campaigns.

It included:

  1. Bulk Meta Title/Description Management
  2. Bulk Noindex/Nofollow management

Click each of these to find out more.


  1. Added a visual html editor to the Testimonials Plugin
  2. Improved form validation on the Form Plugin to only push the form to the fields requiring completion.
  3. Provided more options in the Style Editor for styling advanced content options individually
  4. The blog feed: has a new option (toggle on/off) for the 'Description'. Off hides the description.
  5. When creating a blog summary block it now displays a message to make it clear where it is positioned and while there are no blog posts yet created. The lack of message previously caused confusion if it was in the page or not.
  6. Image Slider now includes an alignment option for content contained within to control overall position of content/buttons within each individual image slide.
  7. Improved email notifications for sending important messages out to registered users to help use Limecube.

Error Management

We have built a new error management system to find errors as they occur both within Limecube as well as our users sites. This new system enables us to often find errors and fix them even before our users do, helping us provide a more stable better performing platform.

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