Below are a list of release notes covering what has been released and improved in this release.

Notification Bar

A new feature was released for business plan clients to provide for important site wide offers, notices or calls-to-action. This feature allows for fixed notifications or the ability to automatically turn these notifications on/off using by date. Click here to learn more.

Notification Bar Example

General Improvements

  1. Text over image boxes layouts now have the ability to select different levels of the overlay colour on a box group level. Previously this was a site wide setting for all boxes.
  2. The profile page was changed to a tab based format for improved UX, making it easier to find information.
  3. Blog post creation was improved so that:
    1. If adding a new blog page by adding directly from under the blog summary, it will only show available blog post layouts
    2. If a user tries to move non-blog post page under the blog, a warning stopping this from occurring
    3. Improvements for display for Internet Explorer

Global Styles

We have introduced global font settings. This improvement allows a user to set their fonts in one section of the style editor, and have it apply to any type of function across Limecube. Previously this required being set section-by-section.

Schema markup

A new Schema markup function was added for Business plan subscribers to allow for setting different types of schema groupings to a site. Click here to find out more.