Limecube V5.0.0 | Date of Release - Jan 30, 2019

V5.0.0 | Released - Jan 30, 2019

Below are a list of release notes covering what has been released and improved in this release.

This was a large update which is why the version jumped to 5.


We have released Walkthrough's to help take new users or users not so familiar with Limecube through key steps for using Limecube and making it easier to get started. The Walkthrough can be located in the top right corner of Limecube when logged in. Just click to get started.

Walkthrough screenshot

Custom CSS Editor

We have released in beta to a few select agencies a custom CSS editor that allows manually coded CSS to be added overwriting themes CSS. Our aim is to release this to everyone in the future.


  1. On table insertion, it now automatically adds a bootstrap class for table, formatting tables nicely and making them responsive.
  2. Box settings - Text next to image: You can now control the position of the image in relation to the text
  3. Advanced Content Block: Icons can now be inserted next to the image and there is the ability to control icon position.
  4. File to large uploads: Improved warning on image upload, warning a user if the file is too large. Now it makes it clear what the file limit is.
  5. Invoices: A direct link to print an invoice without additional steps as there were previously.
  6. Credit Card Expiry warnings: Emails are now sent to a subscriber with notification that their card is about to expiry. These are sent twice:
    1. Notification 1 - 30 days before
    2. Notification 2 - After the expiry month has passed
  7. Google Sheets Improvement:
    1. A message pushed to Google Sheets on creation reminding users of what changes cannot be made to decrease the chance of breaking the push.
    2. Pushing date/time of form submission entry
    3. Pushing the referral page of the form submission

Form Improvements

  1. reCAPTCHA warning: If reCAPTCHA has not been set on the site, a warning will show advising a user to set this up. This is in an effort to make it easier for users to be aware and help stop form spam.
  2. Allowance for images to be inserted into thank you emails triggered by forms. This is so users can add such elements as an image based email signature.
  3. Improved labeling for validation options to make it clearer to users what each validation option does.

W3C Level AA accessibility compliance

  1. Updates to core code to increase W3C Level AA accessibility compliance. Scores can now be up to 95-99%

Search Plugin

Limecube now includes a Search Plugin for inSite search. The search plugin provides a site the ability to add a search field in any place you choose, allowing your website visitors to search for information on your site.

More information can be found here in our support centre.

PageSpeed Insights Improvements

This was a very large core update to Limecube's codebase, making it easier to get higher PageSpeed insight scores from Google. While Limecube has very fast page load speeds already, Google has a different way of ranking these scores. While a lot of the reasons for lower rankings are due to things loaded by a user into their site, we have on ongoing project to continue to make it easier for users to worry about these less.

Timley Reservations

Timely Reservation buttons for the Timely booking engine can now be easily added through the button plugin under 'Advanced'.

New Theme

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