Below are a list of release notes covering what has been released and improved this release.

This was a larger update at Limecube's core as we moved Limecube to Google Cloud infrastructure for better security, speed, stability and long term growth. It was also focused around smaller improvements to plugins and features.


  1. Adding new settings for the blog feed and summary page to control spacing for better design
  2. New box settings at a group level to control alignment and spacing
  3. Addition of into templates and ability to insert in content sections of pages
  4. Addition of 10 new popular Google fonts of 2018 to the Style Editor
  5. Addition to the Style Editor to allow background images to be inserted at a section level for some sections

Google Sheets Integration

Limecube now offers Google Sheets integration on business plans. This gives you the ability to push any or all form submissions directly to Google Sheets for easy and secure storage of your form data. Click here to learn more.

Call to action on mobile

This is a new feature available on business plans, that enables a floating call to action button at the base of a mobile screen making it quick and simple for clients to contact your business.

Animation to elements

Animation to elements is now available under the Style Editor, allowing you to control your own animation rather than being driven by the Limecube Theme. This appears under the first section of the Style Editor.

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