Limecube V4.1.0 | Date of Release - February 9 2018

Version 4.1.0

Date of Release - February 9 2018

Social Media Manager Release

We’ve just released our first release of our social media manager.

Limecube now makes it easy for you to add the most popular social media buttons to your site; placing them in the header, left and right side of the browser and footer. You can display your buttons in some, all or none of these positions and style them to match your Theme.

These videos below show you how:

Adding your social media buttons

Styling your social media buttons

We have more development in the pipeline for the social functions, so watch this space.

Pre-Populated Layouts

Now when you create a new page and select the Layout you want, the layout is pre-populated with dummy images and content. This improvement was based on user feedback that it is easier to start building a page that is already pre-populated.

Form Plugin Improvements

The form plugin now allows you to add a background colour or image and control padding within. The purpose of this is to help forms stand out more on the site where required for a stronger conversion point.

Other Release Notes

  1. Banner Plugin Improvement: Added the ability to position banner content left, centre, right.
  2. Addition of canonical tags to page templates. This should appear on all pages within a site. This is for SEO purposes.
  3. Allow a page URL to not be unique. It still shows a warning message so it is clear that it is being used somewhere else, but saves the page anyway.
  4. The content editing toolbar was in a fixed position making it quite unfriendly to use for long content.
  5. add noindex/nofollow to SEO tab on page editor settings. This will be the same as we have it on beta/ page manager. Vova built that.
  6. The message here in this screenshot is wrong. In this instance it was because the domain name already existed. It is trigger wrong, as I see in language file you have:
  7. When updating a page name on the nav menu, it does not show it until you refresh the page. This now shows the change immediately on save.
  8. Added a feature for show character limit for the meta title/description. This helps you know if you have entered too many characters to display properly on Google.
  9. When you're working on a content block and you click outside the page it now treats it as though you clicked on the tick button.
  10. Button Plugin: Under button Options > A new option for 'Button Alignment'. It’s a select drop down and has the options: 'Left, Centre, Right'
  11. Usability improvement: When you click 'add new page' in the page editor, it remembered the last tab you were on. This created confusion for a user, so now it always opens the first page information tab.
  12. Usability improvement: when creating a grid gallery, changing settings and applying without adding images, it removes images which gave the impression the gallery had been deleted, which it had not. Improved so the dummy images stay.
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