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New Release: Blog Version 7.0!

We are super excited for our upcoming new release of our Blog (V7.0) in the coming weeks. Our new version is completely out with the old, and in with the new. The Blog will be a fully integrated with the Page Editor, providing you with a seamless process for creating and editing blog posts. Which means you can easily switch between adding website pages and blog posts without needing to navigate to other parts of the CMS. And best of all, it will give you full access to all drag/drop plugins to customise each blog post exactly as you’d like it. We’ve not seen any other platform on the market to offer such seamless integration between pages and blog posts, which makes us super excited as we make Limecube even easier to use for you.

Here are just a few of the amazing features of our new blog:

  • Multiple Blog Layouts for You to Choose From: Choose from a range of blog layouts to help you showcase all your latest news and updates.
  • Easily Accessible through Page Editor: As we mentioned, the blog will now be easily accessible through the Page Editor meaning you can now create blog posts easier and faster than ever.
  • SEO Features to Improve Blog Rankings: All our blog posts will have the same integrated SEO Plugin on the page editor. This means you can easily add Meta titles and descriptions to optimize each blog post for best ranking results.
  • Drag & Drop Elements and Features: Our new Blog allows you to drag & drop elements and features such as galleries, spacers, forms and boxes anywhere within your blog post. This means you can customize each of your blog posts to make them look just the way you want.
  • On Page Optimization: Easily optimize all the headings and alt text of your text, images, and videos through our content block.

All in all, our new Blog Version 7.0 will easily allow you to display your latest news, updates, and events to all your website visitors. In turn, you can grow your online community and showcase your services through engaging and captivating blog posts.

The new version will be available for all Limecube customers in a few weeks.

Another reason to choose Limecube!

Stay tuned!

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