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5 Ways VR Is Being Transformed Into Everyday Life

Fancy visiting the Great Wall of China in the comfort of your own home? Or perhaps exploring the depths of the underwater world? Virtual reality has the ability to transform our everyday life and society as we know it. The trending technology has been on the rise in the past few years with many industries identifying and adopting its’ advantages. Here are 5 industries that virtual reality could transform in the near future:


Remember sitting in Geography class and reading a boring textbook on the Pyramids of Giza? Instead, imagine you were standing at the foot of the Egyptian pyramids and exploring its surroundings. Your interaction, motivation and information rates would have all sky-rocketed. This is the possible future facing today’s younger generation. Google has recently developed a virtual reality technology called Cardboard to be used for everyday education in the classroom. With advancements occurring every day, virtual reality has the immense potential to transform the education industry as we know it.

Examples: Google Cardboard, Tilt Brush


Can’t afford to fly half way across to world to watch your favourite football team play? Don’t fret - advancements in virtual reality may mean that you can soon experience sports events in the comfort of your living room. Furthermore, coaches and players may also be able to train more efficiently by transporting the team into real world game scenarios to perform replays.

Examples: AltSpaceVR, Virtually Live

Hospital Industry

Hospitals are another area that can highly benefit from the development of virtual reality technologies. From training students, to practicing and conducting real surgeries; virtual reality can offer many benefits in all areas of operation. Medical virtual reality can also extend beyond hospitals and surgery to aiding in the relaxation and re-cooperation of patients. Technologies such as those created by Medical Realities, can transport patients into different areas and experiences around the world to help decrease anxiety and post-operative pain.

Examples: Medical Realities, VRinOR

Real Estate Industry

Real estate is yet another industry that will be revolutionized through virtual reality technologies. With time and presentation being the two main hurdles faced by real estate agents, virtual reality presents immediate resolutions. By allowing clients to experience guided and interactive virtual home visits; virtual reality could increase both sales efficiency and buyer reach.

Examples: RealVR, StartVR

Book Publishing

The way we read, share and possibly even write stories could change greatly through advancements in virtual reality. Imagine being able to experience the imagination of authors on an adventure that ventures deep inside the pages of a book. With technologies such as AR headsets, glasses and tablets on the rise, the possibility of this notion becoming reality is immense. Authors and filmmakers are both realising the opportunity to bring written stories to life by publishing stories in an ‘immersive format’. Although no such technology has been established for sale at the moment – we predict major advancements in the coming year.

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