Website gathering cobwebs? Here's why you to upgrade

Website gathering cobwebs? Here's why you need an upgrade today

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For many businesses, maintaining an up-to-the-minute website isn't on the priority list. But as those minutes slip into months and months to years, it's easy to end up with a clunky and outdated website that costs you money every single day it sits there with no update.

If you want to know why you need a new website today, we've covered all the information you need below:

Could your outdated website be costing you money?

You may think of updating your website as a significant cost that your business can't afford. After all, it wasn't that long ago you paid for a design, and your platform is perfectly functional, right? A website that hasn't been updated isn't just something your potential customers can see through. It could directly impact your ability to bring in sales, convert leads and get existing fans excited about your brand. Here's how your outdated website could be costing you cash:

Limited reach from incompatible technology

Integration and automation are two key ways to enhance business processes and reduce time wasted. Older websites don't have the connectivity or capacity to work with modern platforms, leading to clunky operation and hours wasted on active management instead of passively collecting data. When you're paying people to manage your digital marketing and sales, that's a significant chunk of time you have to fund.

A poor website reflects on the quality of your brand

A slick, modern and impressive brand and style guide look great on paper, on your social media and above your front door, but the same can't be said for your website if it looks old and tired. Potential customers will have a poor perception of your website if it looks out-of-date, especially if it's clear you haven't updated anything on it in years. That 'copyright in 2013' footer is a dead giveaway that'll stop customers from buying from you.

Slow loading and poor usability means people look elsewhere

If you've ever been frustrated about the ability to access websites, you'll already know why this is a problem for your business. The slower your website loads, the more likely it is that your audience will take their money elsewhere for similar services. Bad navigation, broken links, and difficulty in getting in contact can also be signs of an outdated website not suited to modern audiences.

Mobile users can't get the most out of your website

If your site isn't responsive, there's a significant chance that you're not connecting with a large portion of your customer base. Mobile browsing is more popular than ever, and a website that isn't mobile-friendly or designed to work on screens of all shapes and sizes shows its age instantly. No mobile means fewer conversions, which can impact your sales overall.

Old, unused websites rarely climb the rankings

The longer your website has been sitting gathering dust, the greater the chance that Google has pushed your brand all the way down their rankings. Your website content doesn't get to stick to the top due to maturity. A lack of updates, changes to copy or blogs, can quickly mean your website is lost far down the list. Updating is the way to go if you don't want to lose out on conversions through a search engine used by millions every day.

What are the risks to having an outdated website?

Other than the potential for lost money, are there any other risks associated with an un-updated website? Your first concern should be the integrity and security of the platform itself. Cybercrime, malware, and hackers have evolved far beyond your original defences. It's all too easy for them to take over your platform, access information and potentially have access to even more if your platform happens to be hosted on your in-house network.

An outdated website isn't just a risk to you – it's a risk to your customers, as well. If your platform doesn't meet today's safety standards, the information they provide is at risk too. That includes personal details, addresses, and potentially even payment information. If you want to protect your customers from hacking and personal data leaks, upgrading your website is a must.

What is the best way to upgrade your website today?

Ready to brush off the cobwebs and get your website updated? Here's how to go about it:

Ensure you have access to your current platform, or find out how

If possible, it's a good idea to gain access to your current platform to ensure you get anything you need from it before the changeover. If your existing website is strong on SEO or still has some value, you can make use of 301 redirects to your new website pages. By using 301 redirects, you don't lose any of the valuable SEO and SERPs rankings you've built up over the years. All while offering a shiny, new, user-friendly experience to visitors looking to know a bit more about your brand.

Design a website that is in line with your brand, messaging, and sales goals

Now comes the exciting part. Using a platform like Limecube, it's quick and easy to create the perfect website in line with your brand. The benefit of platforms like Limecube is consistent security updates and modern features for automation and connectivity, allowing you to provide your visitors with the best possible experience for your brand. It's crucial you pick a responsive template to cater to mobile users and put thought into your design and navigation to suit your sales funnel and audience needs.

Add SEO and digital marketing to ensure your launch goes perfectly

Once your template is chosen, and the design is completed, you need to fill your platform with up-to-date information and messaging. Utilising SEO and bringing in digital marketing in the conversion process are excellent places to start. Once your website is ready to go, all you need to do is make it live and sort any redirects required. That's all it takes to make a shiny, on-brand new platform that your customers will love.

Is your website in need of modernisation? Whether you're looking for something entirely fresh or you want to adapt existing branding, Limecube can help. Sign up today to build your own brand-new website with our 14-day free trial. We make upgrading effortless so you can make the most of your business online.

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