v8.4.0 | Released - 1st November 2022

v8.4.0 - Released - 1st November 2022

Limecube Release

Below are a list of release notes covering what is new and improved in this release. This update covered a variety of improvements, core platform changes, new features, security updates, and some bug fixes in Limecube.

Page background images

Page background options have been improved to give more flexibility over how the image is applied to the background, such as repeat or no repeat, and positioning of the background image.

page background settings

Button Element

The Button Element now had improvements to:

  • Live updating - Now any changes made in the setting panel will be seen real-time while you make changes.
  • Animations - Buttons have a new animation feature, allowing for some really nice cool looking effects on buttons.

General improvements

  • .au domains can now be purchased from within Limecube
  • The new link feature has been added into more places throughout the Limecube page editor.
  • When refreshing an admin page, it now stays on that page, rather than returning to the home page.
  • We have improved the loading bar when uploading larger files in the filemanager, to make it clearer even for smaller progress increments. Previously for really large files it was more difficult to realise there was actual progress.
  • Header/footer are now displaying the purple border around them like other sections on the page, to make it clearer these are also editable areas.
  • Web forms now have the ability to add a 'agree to terms' checkbox and custom text. These can be found when adding a new form field.
  • Invoices that are attached to emails, can now be downloaded in PDF form from the admin area. While these were downloadable previously, it still required the user to have the ability to generate a PDF by their computer, which is no longer required.
  • The Socials  tab under Admin settings has had some UX improvement to make it easier to use.
  • Logo text now has the ability to have a separate font chosen to the rest of the site.
  • The 301 redirect status of a redirect has been improved to make it clearer under the current active status.
  • Google Page priority has been removed from throughout Limecube. This has not been paid attention to by Google for some time.
  • The new link function added in the last release has a new field added 'Title'. The title field is for both accessibility and SEO purposes. It is not a required field.

Google Sheets integration updates

Improvements to Google sheets integration have been made so that:

  • When creating a new form, you have the ability to connect it to a previously created Sheet, in a new tab. It can also remain as a new sheet
  • Under admin settings, an addition of all used sheets showing under 'API Credentials'. A list of all used sheets on the site can be accessed from here.
  • Also displaying where each sheet is used on the site.

Blog Improvements

The following improvements have been made to the blog:

  • The blog summary image can now be added from the summary page by hovering over the image, and not only on the individual blog post page.
  • The blog title can now be edited directly in the post. This also updates the settings and menu item for the blog post.
  • When Categories/tags are created, these will be 'noindex' by default, to stop these being counted as duplicate content by Google. This can be turned off, but for a high percentage of users with how they apply these, it can cause Google to see these as duplicate to the main blog summary page.

Banner Improvements

The core code of the banner has been re-built to improve speed, allow for live updates in real-time on the page, as well as make it easier for future improvements.

Box Improvements

  • An upload function has been added to icons, to allow for custom icons to be uplaoded.
  • Box Animations - There are now 5 different animations to choose from when using a 'Text over image' box set. While 'Zoom' was the previous preset animation, this is now an option, with 4 new animations to choose from. These provide a beautiful new addition to stylised boxes.
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