v7.6.0 | Released - 10th August 2021

v7.6.0 - Released - 10th August 2021

Limecube Release

This version saw a larger middle digit jump due to a major core change. Below are a list of release notes covering what is new and improved in this release. This was an update covering a variety of improvements in Limecube, security updates, website speed improvements and some bug fixes.

Elements saving

Elements no longer save immediately when editing and applying them on a page. It now requires the page to be saved to save these changes. This change was due to:

  • Allowing users to make changes to an element, and not have the changes appear immediately on the front of their websites
  • The last necessary step to pave the way for an undo button on the page editor. This undo feature will be coming in the next few months.


  • Animation has been removed from the header. This is to help reduce the any drops in scores from the new Google Page Experience update
  • Sections Duplication - User experience improvement whereby when a section is duplicated, it now auto scrolls to the new duplicated section to make it clear the duplication has occurred.
  • Sections properties having a tip showing now to make it clearer what its purpose is.
  • Functions icons on elements now having tips showing what the purpose of each is for better usability.
  • Adding a new page now slides out from the side left panel for consistency.

IP Whitelisting

There is a now a new field under the profile page allowing you to place your own IP address, and to restrict anyone being able to login to your website where your login details unless they match the IP address. This is for increased security.

Important: This is not a suitable feature where you need to login from multiple locations, or where you have a home internet connection that has a dynamic IP address that changes.

Learn more here.

Blog Improvements

  • The Blog settings tab is the first to open now when clicking on settings at the top of admin when working inside a blog post.
  • We have added a new blog summary layout into the blog summary element. This is for an alternating vertical layout.
  • Tags and Categories can no longer be accessed form the top administration menu. Now they can only be accessed via the blog post settings.

Speed Improvements

Improvements were made to reduce some items showing in Google's PageSpeed insights. While these had little impact on actual page loading speeds, they were reducing scores provided by Google.

There were also other speed improvements that do improve page loading times, in some instances by 1-3 seconds.

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