Banner Plugin

The Banner Plugin now comes with 3 different options to choose, small, medium, large. The change allows users to control styles of the size of the banner, site wide and providing more flexibility within pages.


  1. The style editor had new options added directly from the page editor for plugins
  2. Re-structuring of the order of items within the Styles, for improved usability
  3. TripAdvisor added as an option to social settings
  4. Improved default weight of font labels for forms across Limecube sites
  5. On Blog pagination pages: Added a numeric value to the end of the meta title = to the page the user is viewing, to avoid duplicate meta title caused by pagination.
  6. additions/improvements into the blog for:
    1. pagination
    2. datePublished changed to be dateCreated
    3. author
  7. Usability improvements on the new section manager.
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