Limecube V6.0.0 | Date of Release - June 4, 2019

V6.0.0 | Released - June 4, 2019

Below are a list of release notes covering what has been released and improved in this release. This was a major release mainly due to the integration of the style editor and the page editor, as well as the foundation change of how Limecube looks at user subscriber accounts, which is why the jump to version 6.

General changes

  1. Google Maps custom API - With the introduction by Google last year with Maps and charging for usage, we have introduced a custom API key function to the settings page of Limecube, allowing sites that have high maps traffic on their sites to use their own API key.
  2. Improvements to the Page Editor to allow for smaller laptop screens when working on a page.
  3. Breadcrumbs: Breadcrumbs are a new addition and can be controlled via the settings page to show/not show. Breadcrumbs have been setup with markup so they will help with SEO and will display correctly in Google search results.

Style Editor Integration with the Page Editor

This integration was a major part of this release. The integration allows users to select the style icon within the plugin they are working on and apply styles to that section for the site. This change significantly improves usability, but for quick access as well as making style options much easier to find for the section being worked on.

Subscriber accounts consolidation

We made major changes to how Limecube sees user accounts, consolidating all user accounts into one, rather than previously where these were split. Previously this meant for a user updating their user and profile details on one site only changed those details for that single site. Now it changes it across all accounts that use that same email address for their user account.

This has also improved the sign-in process, making it easier to access all sites from one account.

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