Limecube V4.1.2 | Date of Release - March 5, 2018

V4.1.2 | Date of Release - March 5, 2018

Below are a list of release notes covering what has been released and improved this week.

Banner Plugin - A new heading selector for the banner title. It will have h1, h2, h3 as options. This does not change the visual style of the headings, it has been done purely for SEO purposes to give control of heading structure for best SEO practices.

404 Not Found Page Improvements - Provides a 404 page within the design of the individual website rather than a generic 404 page.

Google Tag Manager and Analytics Fields: Under Admin settings, the tracking code fields have now been split to allow for standard Analytics, or Google Tag Manager code.

Other small Improvements

  1. Where a page is marked as noindex, it should not be showing in sitemap.xml.
  2. In all plugin Popups > 'Existing list', these now display alphabetically.
  3. Logo Upload Improvement: A new option in header editing to control logo size. On upload of the logo it will now optimize the logo image and default the size to 200px wide with the ability to resize easily according to width.
  4. Allow # in the url field to disable the page on the menu, typically where a page should only have sub-menu items.
  5. When adding a new page, the Default layout is now selected by default
  6. Content Element (what appears when you drag the content element onto the page without editing). The default content improved to make it clearer to the user what it is for.
  7. Visual content editor (TinyMce) upgraded to the latest version, improving bug fixes and stability. Menu items on the editor also tidied up to make things clearer and easier to use.
  8. Popup Boxes - made wider to make them easier to read the contents.
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