v10.4.2 | Released - 2nd July 2024

V10.4.2 - Released

Limecube Release

Discover Limecube's latest release

Below is a list of release notes covering what is new and improved in this release. This release brought even more improvements in training our underlying AI, as well as a whole new AI feature for SEO.

This update also covered a variety of improvements, new features, security updates, and some bug fixes in Limecube.

New AI site designs

We've brought some creative new designs into the mix as options for AI to choose from, and for you to also manually select should you want a different design. Fonts are also now AI driven, matching the details entered on signup. But as always, we give you the flexibility to change these items to suit your needs.

AI written SEO Meta Tags

One of the standout features in this release is our new AI-driven SEO Meta Tags tool. With this innovative addition, generating SEO-friendly meta tags has never been easier, helping you to optimise your site's visibility and performance effortlessly.

For the SEO enthusiasts, you know that writing meta tags is often a challenging task! And if you're new to SEO, you often don't have any idea how to go about writing meta titles and meta descriptions and what is important in what search engines look for. We've solved that with the new SEO AI Meta writer. AI writes your meta content, and gives you 3 variations to choose from, while giving you the chance to mix and match or tweak the ones you like. Best of all, you can simply paste all your SEO keywords into the tool, and it will factor these in automatically based on AI mapping the keywords automatically to their most appropriate pages.

This feature is only available on business plans.


  • Headings inside the content element have been improved to better work with 'font size' changes, for when you want to override the standard style sizes.
  • Blog settings now allow you to switch the author and date of a blog post off should you wish it.
  • The Form element has a new option for 'Terms and Conditions' to make it easier to put an accept terms option at the end of a form.
  • The video function inside the content element has been improved to allow for YouTube Shorts to work properly.
  • The SEO Manager analytics detection has been improved to detect analytics that have been added inside Google Tag Manager.
  • A section for Shop has been added to the SEO Meta Tags tab under the SEO Manager
  • The Buttons element has had a file upload feature added to the link field, allowing you to link a file to a button instead of only another page.
  • The Heading element has had:
    • an alignment feature added to it to improve page positioning. This is not available on all effects, as some effects don't work well with anything other than left alignment.
    • a new 'Custom' option to be able to fully customise the size and properties of your heading, outside the normal site style sizes.
    • an improvement in the animations only initiating once a page is scrolled to where they are visible.
  • Saved sections now retain the same anchor ID across all pages, allowing you to more easily link from places like your header CTA button.
  • Accordions, tabs, lists have head the title field removed, as this is no longer used anywhere in Limecube. This change does not affect any functions of these elements.
  • The 'Grid Gallery' element had tags fixed to work with the colour palette of the section they are within.
  • The Last 5 logins to the admin of your site now show at the bottom of the profile page.


We've added some new features to the shop:

  • Unique URLs for the cart and checkout pages for better analytical tracking.
  • Multi-country shipping options
  • Coupon management

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