v10.4.0 | Released - 27th February 2024

V10.4.0 - Released

Limecube Release

Discover Limecube's latest release

Below is a list of release notes covering what is new and improved in this release. This version was a small release to end the year. This update also covered a variety of improvements, new features, security updates, and some bug fixes in Limecube.

Introducing the new AI Page Assistant

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our groundbreaking Limecube AI Page Assistant! Imagine the possibilities when you select the 'AI Assisted Page' option: with just a few words, our AI springs into action, crafting your page from the ground up. It meticulously selects the design, layout, text, colours, and imagery, transforming your ideas into reality. This innovative tool is a revolution for those looking to expand their website with new pages but are uncertain about the content or design aspects. It's not just a time-saver; it's a creativity amplifier.

As Limecube users explore and utilise this new feature, we're committed to continuously enhancing the AI's capabilities. Your creations will guide its learning process, ensuring that the AI Page Assistant becomes even more intuitive and powerful over time. Welcome to a new era of web design, where your vision meets AI efficiency. 

Learn more here.

Spam Protection

Limecube now offers hCaptcha as an additional alternative to Google's reCAPTCHA. Learn more here.


  • The going live domains interface has been improved to be more user-friendly. Domains can no longer be edited, domains can only be deleted and added.
  • Banners now have a rounded corner feature, allowing corners to be adjusted individually, to give more creative banner designs. Learn more here.
  • For subscriptions, Stripe payments for India card payments have been improved to allow for banks' required verification for each payment.
  • Agency accounts now have the ability to duplicate an existing site, allowing for a faster way to build additional sites that share a similar design and layout.
  • Elements can now be duplicated for quick reuse. 

Link functions

The insert link interface has been improved with the addition of being able to insert:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • WhatsApp - opens WhatsApp on your phone for a direct message to you.

This removes the need off adding any extra prefix to make these click to call.

Build your site in 60 seconds with AI

Limecube's AI Website Builder can get you up and running fast!

Tell us about your website, choose a colour palette and BOOM! It's done!

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