Below are a list of release notes covering what has been released and improved in this release. This was a major release due to a rebuild of the page editor allowing full control over creating new sections, allowing for a fully customized page layout, from header, to content, to footers. 

Section Manager

The new functionality section editor function provides significantly greater flexibility for building a website layout and makes Limecube even more awesome! :)

Choose your desired with, or number of columns for the section. Set padding sizes with give you fixed padding options to help you stay to 'the grid' and retain design integrity throughout your site, set background colors and images.

Header Layout Selection

You can now choose from a range of different header layouts for your site.

Footer Layout Selection

You can now choose from a range of different footer layouts for your site.

Blog Improvements

  1. improvements within the blog summary and blog post pages to automatically insert
    1. Summary image: thumbnailUrl
    2. pagination: pagination
    3. author: author
    4. Post Date: dateCreated
    5. Blog Title: headline
    6. Blog summary text: description
  2. Pagination improvement to limit numbers to 5, with prev/next buttons.


Invoices are now directly downloadable without logging in from the invoice email notification sent on successful payment.

SEO - Keyword Density Checker

There is a new SEO tool available: a keyword density checker. This is a tool for SEO to help determine now many times a keyword is used on a page within a site. This is useful to give an indicator as to whether a keyword is overused or underused.

Find out more here in our support centre.