v10.4.1 | Released - 30th April 2024

V10.4.1 - Released

Limecube Release

Discover Limecube's latest release

Below is a list of release notes covering what is new and improved in this release. This release was quite significant in improvements and training to our underlying AI. While AI still has a long way to go to get really smart (As Sam Altman quoted, "GPT4 is dumb", and that's one of the smartest AI models available at this time) and give the results we want, there are continual improvements along the way that we continue to implement.

This update also covered a variety of improvements, new features, security updates, and some bug fixes in Limecube.

Signup process

Creating a new site on Limecube has significantly improved, and the result provides more customised options to the type of site being signed up on. Multi-language support, in most cases writes the entire site in your own language. No option for you to select, just type about your business in the language you want, and the AI will understand what language you need.

Heading effects are a new feature added to the heading elements. You can choose from multiple different types of effects/animations to give a really cool and interesting effect to your main headings.


  • Adding a new domain gives an option to choose a domain provider, for easier access to domain setup details.
  • Sections settings now have an additional vertical alignment, for when have multiple columns, and you want to centre something like text, to balance out the page. This is set for Desktop only, as mobile does not require it.
  • Social sharing buttons were updated on blog posts, to provide more options and a more modern design.

Form Improvements

  • Forms have been completely rebuilt to allow for the new features of:
    • Live updates
    • different form button types
    • different form button styles
    • form button alignment
    • form button animations
    • the ability to style form buttons individually, rather than as site-wide settings.

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