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Biometric Authentication Leading the Future

Straight out of spy movies and into everyday life – biometrics in the form of biometric authentication could become part of everyday life in the near future. We’ve already seen biometric authentication in the form of facial and fingerprint recognition inbuilt in our latest phones. However, it’s only a matter of time till it shapes how we pay for food, transfer important data and make bank transfers. As individual biometric attributes are nearly impossible to duplicate, the benefits with regards to fraud are immense. Here are 5 types of biometric authentication and their possible uses:

Fingerprint Identification

Possible Uses: Passwords, Simple locks
Level of Security: Medium to High
Status: Currently in Use

Say Goodbye to forgetting your passwords on multiple social media platforms – your unique fingerprint is all you need. This biometric authentication is already a feature using to unlock many phones but it’s only a matter of time till it’s used as a password mechanism on a variety of social media and email platforms.

Voice Analysis

Possible Uses: Passwords, Over the phone banking
Level of Security: Low to Medium
Status: Currently in Use

We’ve all been in the unfortunate scenario where we have to convince bank customer service attendants of our identity by repeating name, age, date of birth and address in monotone. Well the good news is that voice analysis and recognition is here! Speech recognition is already being used as a security measure in organisations like HSBC Bank and Vanguard in America to the National Taxation Office in Australia. In the past, voice authentication was doubted due to duplication concerns via voice recording. However, technology advancements in detecting “liveness” is now enabling this biometric authentication form to be integrated into higher-security platforms.

Hand/vein geometry biometrics

Possible Uses: Door Locks, Payment
Level of Security: High
Status: Currently in Use

Wave goodbye to burglars! Arguably the most advanced of them all is hand/vein biometrics that measure an individual unique vascular patterns. Some even go as far as measuring the heartbeat. This advanced form of biometric authentication will probably be found in high security buildings such as banks. Already, a biometric authentication company called Nymi have developed a band that uses hand/vein geometry for unlocking doors and wirelessly paying for items.

Facial Recognition

Possible Uses: Surveillance, Building/Business shop-front locks.
Level of Security: High
Status: Coming soon!

Facial recognition is another form of Biometric Authentication that most individuals are unfamiliar with. Advancements in technology may see facial recognition used for much bigger things than phone passwords. The most likely uses of this technology is for the facial recognition and tracking of criminals, missing persons and possibly even mass surveillance by the government.

Iris scan and Retina Scan

Possible Uses: Building/Business shop-front locks
Level of Security: High
Status: Coming soon!

Another classic Bond movie gimmick - iris and retina scans could be one of the most secure authentication methods to date. Since iris and retina forms differ from individual to individual it is nearly impossible to duplicate – it can be used for things that require a higher level of security. You never know, your door peep-hole may be completely transformed into iris and retina scanners as locks in the very near future. Shop front businesses may also benefit from this technology.

Although biometric authentication may have previously been limited to sci-fi movie screens – its integration into everyday life is now more promising than ever. Some biometric technologies already in the market include EyeVerify, Nymi and HYPR – which will continue to grow and change every day routines in the near future. So keep an eye out - Biometric Authentication is on its way!

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