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8 ways to stand out in a crowded market

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Getting a head start on your competition isn't always easy, and in an already crowded market, making your business visible is twice as hard. Whether you have a brand-new idea for an already stacked industry or you're an early adopter that's seen competition growing like weeds, standing out is a must to survive. If you want to shine, we've got a few ideas to help your business draw attention in all the right ways.

Here are eight ways to help your brand stand out from the crowd:

1. Get to know your audience

A brand that doesn't understand its audience well will struggle to differentiate itself from its competition. The more you know about your customers, the better. Take the time to research and explore what makes your customer base tick, what they want, and what they find valuable. You should also examine their pain points closely to figure out how your business can help them to overcome those challenges or solve those issues. The better your understanding of your customers, the more likely your marketing and sales will target them accurately, which in turn can lead to brand loyalty.

2. Encourage return custom and word of mouth

Many businesses make the mistake of only chasing new sales without fostering existing relationships. If you already have a customer base that loves your product, you don't want to leave them out in the cold. Making sure your existing customers feel looked after can help in two ways. Firstly, you're far more likely to see return purchases from existing customers if they feel valued. Secondly, a happy customer is far more likely to recommend your brand to others. Word of mouth is invaluable in setting your business up in its own niche, helping you gain a stable customer base rather than chasing every small, low-value order.

3. Create solid, unique branding

Branding can make or break a business. In a crowded market, branding that's too similar to your competitors or doesn't leave an impression can be seriously detrimental to your success. You want potential customers to recognise and notice your brand colours, logo, and style immediately. Investing time and energy into a brand overhaul can be a powerful way to stand out and ensure you appear as a unique offering compared to your competitors. The more distinctive and iconic your branding, the more likely it is that potential customers will remember you.

4. Position yourself as experts in your niche

Expertise and knowledge are vital components in cementing your business within your particular field. Rather than a newcomer or someone jumping on the latest bandwagon, you want your potential customers to see you as an expert in your area. Whether you create helpful industry guides and how-to's, or you have a customer support team that can answer all questions, the more valuable you are, the better. As an expert in your industry, you stand out as a trustworthy source, making you the ideal choice for purchase compared to the newbies in your niche.

5. Humanise your business

Many businesses feel like faceless entities with no personality. While your business isn't human itself, the people behind your brand are, and now might be the right time to give them some time in the spotlight. People prefer to buy from people over a blank wall, so the more you can humanise your brand, the easier it will be for you to stand out. Take the time to include personal details and transparent information on your website to help potential customers see the person behind the business, and not just the business itself.

6. Figure out your Unique Selling Point

Your Unique Selling Point, or USP, is the one thing that definitively sets you apart from your competition. It could be a product you offer, how you support your customers, the pricing of what you sell or anything else. The idea of a USP is to make your brand different in all the right ways, encouraging customers to pick you over other brands. Your USP should benefit customers, and ideally, you should do your research to figure out any gaps in your competitor's service that you can take advantage of to make you stand out. If you can do what your competitors can't, that's a point in your favour.

7. Commit to delivering an excellent customer experience

Customer experience is about more than just getting potential buyers in one end of a sales funnel and out the other. The service you offer and the commitment you make to your audience are as valuable as the products you sell. If you can stand out by delivering an exceptional customer experience, you're doing something right. Many things go into the experience your customers have. Some ideas for improvement could be enhancing the UX of your website, offering post-sales support or simply listening to feedback as and when it crops up.

8. Get ahead on new innovations and solutions

Getting ahead of your competition is a powerful way to stand out if you have the resources and capability to do so. A crowded market isn't necessarily a stagnant market, and you may find that adopting new technology, processes and marketing opportunities can help your brand to shine. Innovations could include taking advantage of social media channels or pivoting your services to reflect your customers' changing attitudes and technological requirements. The faster you're able to embrace innovations, the better it will be for your business.

As a small business, the concept of standing out in a crowded market can seem near impossible. But with a new perspective and a few of our tips, helping your brand become more visible and appealing to your audience is easier than you might think. With the right strategy and plenty of high-quality research, differentiating your business can lead to incredible results both in terms of long-term customer retention and immediate sales.

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