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You can download the presentation slides here. We've also put some key points with additional information below for quick reference.

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The different steps in a campaign


When to have a proper strategy and not to.

  1. A full strategy is useful when you have data to work from, and fully understand your audience, however it takes longer. Useful when you have existing data to start from.
  2. A basic strategy helps you start faster, with a less clear plan. Better when you have little to no data to start from.

Understanding your audience

Who do you want to target? Casting your net too wide will usually mean you’ll catch barely any fish. A more focussed audience will give you better engagement, and better focussed growth.

Competitor research

Understanding what your competitors are doing, and what they do well for engagement can save you a lot of time working it out for yourself.

Planning a campaign

  1. This can be done for a single month, or 3 months. For a new campaign it is better to make it 1 month so you can be more fluid in changing your posts strategy to be inline with what has been working well so far.
  2. Start with your topics
  3. Map them against categories
  4. Remember to focus on creating posts that are helpful to your audience, not your self. While a degree of advertising you/your business is important, it should only be about 10% of total posts. Unless you are giving something of value


  1. Setup reporting that allows you to track key metrics for your campaigns
  2. Analyse reports at least monthly, although at the start weekly is better


Build Measure Learn Loop

Social Media Tools

Below are some free tools (with also paid options) that help with a social media campaign. Click  each to visit their respective sites.

Planning your website

Planning component

Planning for your website design makes the actual design much faster and simpler.

  1. Research competitors
  2. Map out pages in the site (the sitemap)
  3. Work out your colour palette. Adobe Colour is a great tool to help.
  4. Workout the right kinds of images to match your audience
  5. Content – 2 options for this:
    1. Write it yourself – if this option, then you need to plan out the sections of each page (lorem ipsum can be used if necessary for page setup)
    2. Have a writer do it for you. Copify is a website we get great quality writing at a low cost.
  6. Get design inspiration. This can be from competitors, or design sites such as 2 of our favourites:
    1. Dribbble
    2. awwwards
  7. Once you have these 6 steps taken care of above, you are ready to get started on the home page. The home page is usually first to get look and feel right for the rest of the site.

Limecube’s Vision

Our vision is to provide a world leading platform that inspires entrepreneurs and small business to easily create beautiful websites, while helping them focus on building their dreams, without worrying about the technology.

We believe we must stay true to our purpose of simplicity, while delivering on our core customer’s needs. We are a part of our customer's journey, and we must continuously strive for excellence as a company so that our customers continue to be inspired to do what they do best.

And these are not just flashy words! We live and breathe them as a team in everything we do.


Our mission is to be a successful Australian brand loved by Australians, that helps the world see further value that Australians brings as tech leaders and innovators to the world market.

Our goal is to provide a user-friendly solution that builds beautiful yet functional websites that effectively markets our clients businesses, through great UX, and search engine friendliness.

We aim to be innovators, not followers. To enable this aim we need to challenge ideas at every level and continue to evolve.

Limecube Events

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Working in Australia

Contact us for more information or future seminars

  1. Become a Qualified Nurse in Australia within 1 Year (Hong Kong registered nurses or nursing students only)
  2. Australian Universities and Career Planning.
  3. Australia Vocational Education and Migration Pathway
  4. Website:  and Sandy's email 

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