Black Friday Terms & Conditions

Black Friday Terms

Lifetime deal - 50% off your
subscription cost

Use coupon: limefriday21

Terms and Conditions

  • This coupon is only valid till 11:59pm on 10th December, 2021 and must be applied at the same time as subscribing.
  • This coupon is only available for new subscriptions and cannot be applied to existing sites.
  • This coupon may be used on the Starter or Business plan
  • Coupons only work on the plan you have applied it against, if you change plans at any time, your coupon code will cease to work and the discount will no longer apply.
  • The coupon is for the lifetime of your plan and you will be continued to be charged at this discounted rate while your plan remains active with Limecube except where any of the points above apply.
  • You must retain an active plan to retain this discount. Should your plan have repeated payment failures and automatically cancelled as such, the coupon will no longer remain active as re-subscription will need to occur.

Why us?

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